Breathe Deeply; Thoroughly Enjoy This Holiday With Your Teen Still at Home

This article was originally published here on December 21st, 2015. It was updated and republished here on December 14th, 2017. 

Mom, Dad, I know that your holidays are busy.

You’re working frantically to get all the shopping, cooking, and decorating done so that all the holiday magic will appear to flow effortlessly at your house.

I know it’s a lot — especially in addition to everything else you do for your family — but let me tell you how much your efforts mean for a teen who’s just a few years from launching out of your safe warm nest.


In a turbulent, frightening world, the traditions you’ve developed over the years and the memories your family has built together will provide warmth and stability that your teen will hang onto and draw comfort from in many of his or her scary, uncertain, transitional seasons of life.

Even if this season is more of a struggle than a joy for your family, this still applies. As @JenHatmaker said on Twitter: “One kid is crying. Two are fighting. #decoratingtheChristmastree.” Everyone is having crazy, imperfect holidays — don’t worry. Everything you’re doing is still helping.

Thank you for all you’re doing. It matters more than you realize.

And whether you call them “holidays” or “holy days,” I’m hoping yours are filled with meaning and purpose and scattered moments of true awe and joy.


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What about you? 

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