Loving and Caring for Teens Who Are Natural Introverts

Do your teens tend to be introverts (who get energy from time spent in solitude), or are they extroverts (who get energy from being with people)?

Or, have you got both introverts and extroverts in your family?

Understanding and responding to a teen in a way that respects and values his or her natural bent toward introversion or extroversion can lay the foundation for a wonderful, fulfilling parenting experience.

Read the article I wrote on specific ways to care for introverts and extroverts here.

Then, learn about how understanding personality type can lead to a long, fulfilling, happy career and a joyful debt-free college path.

Whether your kids are introverts or extroverts, dive into chapter 13 of my book:

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How to Care for Extroverts / How to Care for Introverts

Do you know whether your son or daughter is an extrovert (who gets energy from being with people), or an introvert (who gets energy from quiet time spent alone)?

In my book, I make a strong case that figuring out the delicate nuances of personality type is critically important for future career success and satisfaction.

(If you already own LAUNCH, you can see what I’ve written on this subject in chapter 13, which starts on page 133.)

Once you know your child’s natural introvert/extrovert tendency, here are some great ways to give him or her extra care, love, and nurturing during the growing up years.

(This will also work on your spouse–and on your employees, co-workers, and aging parents!)

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