Oh, How I Sweated Over Revamping My Speaking Page

My least favorite part of my job is website redesign.

I have a contractor who helps me with the technology part—but I have to make all decisions about which words and images to use, and how we’ll package up the details to best reach and help a world in need.

My biggest struggle with this is figuring out how to communicate nine big things I do for parents in under 9 seconds.

On a website.

One of those nine things I do for parents is speaking.

I do speaking live (in school auditoriums, at churches, and at conferences) and online.

At the end of two extremely long days of wrestling with this…

I posted the following status update for my friends on Facebook:

“I just sweated for two days over a website homepage box that ended up saying:

It’s my live, in-person speaking presentations that are most transformative for families.



Parents and event planners who click the “GET ACCESS NOW” button will get straight to my new, carefully crafted speaking page at JeannieBurlowski.com/SPEAKING.

Let me know what you think of my new speaking page!

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The Happiness Lab—My New Favorite Podcast!

You’d love for your kids to find happiness, but do you feel confident that you know the best way to help them toward that?

Gallup research shows us that elite education doesn’t actually lead to increased happiness—so what does?

Dr. Laurie Santos created a Yale course on happiness.

The course, called, “Psychology and the Good Life,” was the most popular course in the history of Yale University.

And thanks to podcast technology—it’s available, on demand, to people like you and me (and your teen or college student).

This Yale course is now my new favorite podcast.

Introducing—The Happiness Lab.


Join Dr. Laurie Santos as she presents data-based, scientific research and surprising, inspiring stories that will change the way you think about finding happiness.

Help your teen or college student learn about scientifically proven routes to happiness.

Tune in to The Happiness Lab sometime when you’ve got teens or college students riding in the car with you.

Listen to the trailer first, and then dive into episode 1.

You’ll do much to quell student anxiety, which is becoming an increasing problem on high school and college campuses.

Episode 1 of The Happiness Lab is ideal listening for teens and college students.

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How to Use the Full Focus Planner

How can college students keep themselves focused and organized, so they’re in the best position to get the highest grades possible—preferably while studying less than most other people? My recommendation to students is, use the Full Focus Planner.

full focus planner

The Full Focus Planner is a paper planner.

“Paper?” you’re thinking. “Come on, that is so low tech! What next—are you gonna tell us to chisel our appointments and task lists into stone tablets?”

Ha ha ha ha ha.

Don’t laugh at paper planners!

Top productivity gurus like Michael Hyatt are telling us—paper planners are the best. Especially the ones with lots of room to write.

Paper planners are quiet—without beeping distractions and pop-up notifications.

And, because all your notes and thoughts are right there in front of you—in your own handwriting—you don’t have the “out-of-sight-out-of-mind” problems that plague people who try to do their daily planning on electronic calendars.

You can see a short helpful video about the Full Focus Planner here.

Yes, I know Michael Hyatt has gray hair—but don’t let that throw you!

I’ve followed Michael Hyatt for years. He really knows what he’s talking about when it comes to high achievement and cut-to-the-chase, lean productivity.

(You can see me thanking Michael personally in the acknowledgements section on the very last page of my book.)

Once you’ve seen this video, order your Full Focus Planner for $10 off using my special link:


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Top 10 Most Loved Debt-Free College Articles

This is the perfect article to post in your Facebook group—or copy and send to your entire homeschooling co-op. Why? Because almost everybody parenting kids ages 12–26 will find at least one article they desperately need right now in the list below.

(The government isn’t going to be providing free college any time soon—but with just a little strategy, you can provide it for the kids you care about.)

Drumroll please!

Beginning with #10 and ending with #1—here are the most loved, most important debt-free college articles I sent out to my followers in the past year.

(You can sign up to get these kinds of articles from me every week during the school year by following the instructions here. And you can listen to my podcast here.)

debt free college

#10. Could Graduating High School With an AA Degree Hurt a Kid?

#9. Reduce Study Time By Putting Your Laptop Away*

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Eliminate Multitasking — Find Greater Holiday Peace

You’re always busy, but holidays put your busyness into overdrive. Maybe the secret is to do three or four tasks at once? No—executive coach Peter Bregman tells us that won’t actually help. The secret to getting more done while still feeling a sense of settled peace is: eliminate multitasking.

You can do this!

eliminate multitasking

You can still accomplish many things, just try as you do so to focus on one task at a time.

You’ll feel better.

Why is it important and helpful to eliminate multitasking?

Because multitasking will drop your I.Q. faster than smoking pot, and it leaves a residue of stress and anxiety long after the accomplished tasks are finished.

Learn more about how and why to eliminate multitasking in the substantial article I’ve written here.

Tell your kids about the article above, and their grades may go up as a result!

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How to Survive December College Applications

There’s almost nothing more trying for a parent than December college applications.

If your 12th grader has put off completing college applications until the busy Christmas season is breathing down his neck—you know what I mean.

december college applications

If December college applications are currently adding to the stress at your house, here’s what to do.

1. If your daughter keeps putting off finishing December college applications, pay her to finish them if necessary.

(This article I’ve written on “Should You Pay Your Teen to Do Things” will help.)

2. If your son threatens to just sit out of college for a year after high school, living off of you and doing nothing instead of going on to college or job training, read this. (It’s an article I wrote titled, 5 Good Reasons to Take a Gap Year and 2 Bad Ones.)

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Change of Plans for Parents Who Follow Me! Details Here.

In late August of 2019, I made an exciting announcement to the parents who follow me. Low-cost, personal debt-free college planning help from me—coming soon!

At that time I wrote to the parents who follow me: “I’m going to be bringing together a tribe—a group of parents from all across the United States—who’ll get ongoing, personal, step-by-step help from me with implementing debt-free college strategies.”

A fantastic opportunity for parents and financial advisors who don’t want to do important college planning in isolation.

Our plans for this have changed just a bit.

This “tribe” will launch not in fall 2019, but in March 2020.

Subscribe to my free weekly email newsletter, and when the launch happens you’ll be allowed to join this tribe as a founding member at the lowest possible price.

parents who follow me

“Why are we waiting until March 2020?”

I was surprised to discover that launching a tribe like the one I’m describing would require me to completely revamp my website. Quite a feat, considering that my current website has over 200 articles that parents all over the world access every day.

This “revamping my website” step required me to find a web designer experienced in tribe technology—and the first two designers I hired didn’t turn out to have the necessary experience.

Essentially—I’ve had construction delays.

Mark your calendar for March of 2020!

Once you join, you’ll attend one online group meeting with me any month you have a question for me.

Plus you’ll get my two most popular half-day seminars for your kids—delivered online—at no additional charge.

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This Book Reviewer Gave ME the “Best Gift Ever.”

I could hug the person who wrote this review of my book, on November 17th, 2019. For an author like me, a book review like this is the best gift ever.

best gift ever

You can see the rest of this review on Amazon here. (Look in “most recent reviews.”)

Want to buy the “best gift ever” for a parent you care about?

Whether he or she is currently parenting middle school or high school students, they’ll think it’s the best gift ever.

See the book on Amazon here: bit.ly/burlowski.

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Don’t Miss This FREE Debt-Free College Newsletter

It's a Life-Changer for Busy Families

One of the greatest services I provide for parents is my debt-free college newsletter, which you can have delivered straight to your email inbox every Monday morning.

Parents who open this debt-free college newsletter every Monday keep debt-free college at the tops of their minds as their kids are growing up.

And the best news? This debt-free college newsletter is free.

debt free college newsletter

For you as a parent, opening this debt-free college newsletter every week greatly reduces the probability that you’ll get so busy driving kids to soccer practice that you forget about this exciting, step-by-step debt-free college journey we’re on together.

If you’re not yet receiving my free debt-free college newsletter, just find the grey “Sign up for email updates” box on this web page. And then take one extra important step.

Whitelist this debt-free college newsletter using the clear instructions here.

If you fail to take this extra step, the newsletter may accidentally get misdirected into a folder you never check. This could result in you missing important details—or not being fully up to speed when there are important changes to college financing in the United States.

This could end up costing your family thousands in unnecessary college costs—and it could even be professionally destructive to you if you’re a school counselor, a private admissions advisor, or a financial planner.

This debt-free college newsletter is free, but it’s only available to people who open it.

Open it every Monday.

And if you believe that you’ve subscribed to my particular debt-free college newsletter but you aren’t seeing it in your primary email inbox, subscribe once more using the instructions above, and then follow the whitelisting directions here.

I want to help you.

Every Monday morning.

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