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You’ve got a book that helps you get kids through college debt-free—but you want more.

When you have a question on a step you’ve just read about in the book LAUNCH: How to Get Your Kids Through College Debt-Free and Into Jobs They Love Afterwardyou’d love to get access to the author to get that question answered. 

That help is available inside Jeannie Burlowski’s TRIBE Membership.

Along with community and accountability that makes the whole process more fun.

Get all the details here.

Doors are open for an extremely short time, and space is limited.

doors are open

Get all the details right now, here.

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This Strategy Equips You to Slash Future College Costs

For Parents of Students Ages 12–18

If you can, just skip reading the content below and instead—listen to me delivering it on audio. Listen while you’re driving or getting ready in the morning, here:

debt-free college membership

If you can’t do audio right now, read on.

Today I’m going to teach you a little-known, really clever debt-free college strategy that’ll take you less than a couple of hours to implement—and all by itself, it can save you thousands and thousands on college costs.

One 18-year-old used this strategy even though he was pretty sure it couldn’t possibly work for him, and he was shocked to walk away with $30,000 extra in free money to help pay his college bills.

You’ll need this strategy in your back pocket whether you’re currently parenting elementary schoolers, middle schoolers, or high schoolers.

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Here’s What Parents Are Telling Me (You’re Not Alone!)

If you can, please just skip reading the content below and instead—listen to me delivering it on audio. Listen while you’re driving or getting ready in the morning, here:

If you can’t do audio right now, read on.

Because this is important.

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We’re Overcoming ALL the Blocks and Obstacles

Lately, I’ve really been doubling down on figuring out exactly which blocks and obstacles are keeping parents from moving confidently toward debt-free college for their kids.

debt-free college

From talking to parents when I speak, I know that they want debt-free college strategy that is:

  1. Clear, easy to digest, and quick
  2. Complete
  3. Does not require much work from parents
  4. Safest and best for the child, regardless of where she goes in life
  5. Inspiring and reassuring—makes you feel good
  6. Tailored to kids’ ages and individual family needs—so parents don’t have to read or listen to anything they don’t need right now.

This last one is especially important.

Parents want clear, quick, specific instruction that applies to where their kids are right now.

No parent wants to spend time reading or listening to directions they’re not going to need for a year.

Because of this, I’ve taken two steps that are game changers for busy parents.

First—I organized my book of debt-free college instructions so that parents only read one chapter every three months or so—and every chapter is directed straight at a kid’s current month and year in school.

Then I created a fast-paced, 10-minute video training that explains how to use the book in the fastest, most efficient way.

Boom. Tailored to be exactly what you need, right now.

Second—because I know that parents are having individual questions they want answered—in mid-March of 2020 I’ll be opening the doors to a membership—where parents will have an open door to be with me in person, online, in a group setting, 10–15 times per year.

Doors to this membership will open for just 5 days in mid-March 2020.

You can find out more about this membership (and learn about the deep, altogether understandable parent needs that are inspiring me to create it) here.

Opportunity to join will only be extended to readers of my free weekly email newsletter.

You (and your friends) can subscribe now at

Parents, we need to talk about the blocks and obstacles you’re facing more in depth.

The stakes are high for your kids. College debt is a big deal.

If we, together, can overcome your blocks and obstacles and lay necessary, wise debt-free college groundwork early on, you can save the kids you love decades of unhappiness and struggle.

Even if you can’t save a penny, even if you’re not a candidate for government financial aid, even if your kids don’t get a single scholarship.

I want to hear more about the obstacles you’re encountering as you work toward this very important goal.

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I Need Your Input as I Finalize My TRIBE Membership!

To get straight to the description of my TRIBE Membership, zoom to the red writing below. membershipI’m stunned and amazed at the great response I’ve gotten to the short, succinct video trainings I sent out last week.

Specialized help—based on the age of your kid—with no video longer than 10 minutes! Parents are loving having fast, inspiring grade specific training that only gives them info they need right now.

The stories of exciting success are flowing in—along with gratitude that I just made the whole process even easier.

At the same time, this has opened up wellsprings of raw emotion in some parents.

Some of what I’m hearing sounds like this:

1. “I want to get my kids through college debt-free and set up for real jobs after college—but I don’t have time to read very much.

Please just give me the least amount to read possible.”

2. “I seriously don’t have time to do very much! Please give me just the bare bones that I need right now.”

3. “When I can’t do much, please support me and tell me, ‘That’s OK! This is still going to work out!'”

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Debt-Free College Training—Fast and Easy

Watch just one of the short, succinct video trainings below, and you’ll be on the fast track to getting the kids you love through college debt-free. 

debt-free college

If you’ve got a bright, capable middle schooler or high schooler headed for college—you’re probably wondering, “How are we going to pay for that?”

You’re especially thinking this if your kid isn’t a likely candidate for scholarships, you haven’t saved for college, and you make too much money to get government financial aid. (Or you think you do.)

You absolutely don’t want mountains of student loan debt for the kids you love.

Is there hope for getting your kids through college debt-free?


But you’ll need someone to guide you.

Your journey toward debt-free college starts right here, right now.

Watch just one of the short videos below, and you’ll get a jump-start on getting the kids you love through college debt-free, and into jobs they love afterward.

Watch, and then share with the friends who’ll be with you on this journey.

(These fun, informal videos were made in the studio where I record my podcasts, but they are not technically podcast episodes. You can find Episode 1 of my podcast here.)

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Change of Plans for Parents Who Follow Me! Details Here.

In late August of 2019, I made an exciting announcement to the parents who follow me. Low-cost, personal debt-free college planning help from me—coming soon!

At that time I wrote to the parents who follow me: “I’m going to be bringing together a tribe—a group of parents from all across the United States—who’ll get ongoing, personal, step-by-step help from me with implementing debt-free college strategies.”

A fantastic opportunity for parents and financial advisors who don’t want to do important college planning in isolation.

Our plans for this have changed just a bit.

This “tribe” will launch not in fall 2019, but in March 2020.

Subscribe to my free weekly email newsletter, and when the launch happens you’ll be allowed to join this tribe as a founding member at the lowest possible price.

parents who follow me

“Why are we waiting until March 2020?”

I was surprised to discover that launching a tribe like the one I’m describing would require me to completely revamp my website. Quite a feat, considering that my current website has over 200 articles that parents all over the world access every day.

This “revamping my website” step required me to find a web designer experienced in tribe technology—and the first two designers I hired didn’t turn out to have the necessary experience.

Essentially—I’ve had construction delays.

Mark your calendar for March of 2020!

Once you join, you’ll attend one online group meeting with me any month you have a question for me.

Plus you’ll get my two most popular half-day seminars for your kids—delivered online—at no additional charge.

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