One Call Can Increase Admissions Chances 40%

Weeks or months after your daughter has finished up all her college applications, you may find yourself wondering, “Is there anything else she can do to increase admissions chances—well after her applications have been submitted?”

Yes there is.

Research shows that one phone call can increase admissions chances 40% at many colleges.

increase admissions chances

How can a phone call increase admissions chances?

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What to Do and What to ASK On a College Visit

Read on, and you’ll get instant access to my free, printable list of all the best questions to ask on a college visit.

A college visit can occur at any time during middle school or high school. The most common time for students and parents to do a college visit, though, is March of 10th grade through June of 11th grade (when possible, on days when the high school student doesn’t have school, but the college is in session).

Here are my 9 best strategies for putting together effective, stress-free college visits.

1. Got a 10th or 11th grader? Choose your college visit days very early—by doing this.

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