Eliminate Multitasking — Find Greater Holiday Peace

You’re always busy, but holidays put your busyness into overdrive. Maybe the secret is to do three or four tasks at once? No—executive coach Peter Bregman tells us that won’t actually help. The secret to getting more done while still feeling a sense of settled peace is: eliminate multitasking.

You can do this!

eliminate multitasking

You can still accomplish many things, just try as you do so to focus on one task at a time.

You’ll feel better.

Why is it important and helpful to eliminate multitasking?

Because multitasking will drop your I.Q. faster than smoking pot, and it leaves a residue of stress and anxiety long after the accomplished tasks are finished.

Learn more about how and why to eliminate multitasking in the substantial article I’ve written here.

Tell your kids about the article above, and their grades may go up as a result!

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