How to Feel ECSTATIC When Your Kid’s in 12th Grade

Who feels ecstatic when their kids are in 12th grade?

Parents (at all different income levels) who’ve laid the groundwork needed to get their 12th grade kid through college debt-free—and then directly into a career that kid excels at and loves afterward.

(I provide clear, step-by-step help with this in the book you see below.)

If it’s too late for ecstatic—I can at least help you feel super happy when your kid is in 12th grade.

If you’ve not yet laid any debt-free college groundwork, that’s OK.

I can move you and your friends quickly toward the goal of debt-free college and career for your 12th grade kids.

12th grade

Just take these 5 easy steps:

1. Get free, fast-paced, 10-minute video training from me right now, here.

There are 3 videos listed—watch only the one labeled “12th grade.”

2. Get help from me every Monday morning throughout this very important 12th grade year.

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3. Learn here why you need to—quick—fill out the FAFSA form even if you’re rich.

Don’t leave college money on the table. Apply. I’ll help you.

4. Look at this process like it’s a glorious adventure, with unimaginable treasure at the end.

Because it is.

I’ll be your guide.

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Hope for Your Kid’s Future During COVID-19

Parents isolated at home with children, teens, and college students are saying to themselves, “Yikes—I need hope for my kid’s future during COVID-19.”

Hope is here.

Here, 7 reasons to have hope for your kid’s future during COVID-19.

Pass this on to a friend who needs increased hope in uncertain times.

Kid's Future During COVID-19

1. The at-home schooling you’re doing now is not going to hurt your kid’s future.

I know it’s imperfect. I know it’s difficult to have a school routine when you don’t have enough quiet workspaces for all of your kids—and you’re trying to work from home too. It’s OK. Just do what you can, and trust that the gaps in your kids’ education during COVID-19 will even out later. They will.

2. Carefully isolating your family is the best thing you can do for your kid’s future during COVID-19.

I know it takes time and energy. I know it’s stressful. I know you’re having to think about survival details you’ve never thought of before. I know you wonder when it will ever be over.

But keep on. One day at a time.

When you isolate, you help protect your kids and others from grief over the deaths of people they love—and you protect us all from an unnecessarily prolonged economic downturn.

The more diligently we isolate, the faster this will be over. I promise.

3. Remind yourself daily: This is temporary.

Dr. Eileen M Feliciano, Psy.D. comforts us with these words: “Take time to remind yourself that although this is very scary and difficult, and will go on for an undetermined amount of time, it is a season of life and it will pass. We will return to feeling free, safe, busy, and connected in the days ahead.”

4. COVID-19 will not diminish your child’s future college or grad school prospects.

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