Parenting Teens? It’s Only 364 Saturdays

If you’re parenting teens or younger children, you may get emotional whiplash as you swing back and forth between thinking, “This is going so fast!” and, “This is taking forever!

In reality, here’s how long you actually have with your teen:

parenting teens

Breathe deeply. This season of parenting teens will be over before you know it.

Hold this day like a bubble. Take photos. Capture your thoughts in a spiral notebook that you show to no one. Slow way down—and hold moments in your heart like they’ve been placed there by a skilled videographer.

And when parenting teens gets really hard, remember this.

From the wonderful book Mother and Son: The Respect Effect by Emerson Eggerichs, PhD:

“There’s a reason God asked Abraham to sacrifice Isaac when Isaac was 12. Because if he’d have waited until 13—it would have been no sacrifice!”

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Simple Check-In Rule Helps Teens Avoid Risk

This valuable article on helping teens avoid risk is a guest post by Ken Ginsburg of the Center For Parent and Teen Communication. 

By Ken Ginsburg

A Simple Check-In Rule Can Help Teens Avoid Risk

Our tweens and teens are going to have to make certain decisions and choices in the face of peer pressure. And generally, they will want to do what’s right. But they may not know how to avoid risk while still saving face with their peers.

They may benefit from an easy way out.

Parents can give them that “out” with a simple rule: The Check-In Rule.

teens avoid risk

The Check-In Rule Is Simple:

No matter how late your teens may stay out, they must check in with you when they come home.

Even if you’re sleeping, they need to awaken you to say they’ve arrived. (And there’s a good chance you may not be sleeping too soundly until your teen is home anyway!)

Parents who effectively monitor their teens by regularly checking in in this way may find that their tweens and teens avoid risk—and are less likely to check out mentally and emotionally.

Our Hope Is—That Teens Avoid Risk When They Know They’re Deeply Cared For

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