"We were aghast when a college's financial aid office essentially told our younger daughter, "Good news! Your tuition is 100% covered by a generous scholarship we're giving her! But we're going to pay ourselves back with all of her federal and state grants, and then charge you separately for all the other fees." Terrible! Because we're in your TRIBE, we didn't fall for this. Our daughter enrolled at a different college—in a highly sought-after honors program—where almost all her costs are covered by scholarships and grants. This second college has been very easy to work with and all feels right. Plus there's more good news. Our older daughter graduated from college and then went straight to a highly competitive grad school program—with advanced standing. She will be done in three semesters! You also gave us guidance on how to get her graduate school paid for.
Jeannie, your excellent information and wonderful help and support has been invaluable! It’s such a comfort to have the TRIBE to go to for answers when things are confusing and overwhelming. You are a rockstar! I will continue to send people your way.”