Approved Consultants

If you would like consulting help specifically from me, Jeannie Burlowski, please read to the bottom of this page. 
If you are looking for a college or career consultant or a financial planner, you will find a list below of consultants and financial planners I have personally screened and approved.


For certified help using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, the Strong Interest Inventory, and the StrengthsFinder 2.0 assessment to think through career options, contact one of the approved providers on this list:

* Your child can take the StrengthsFinder assessment at any time for less than $20 simply by ordering the book StrengthsFinder 2.0 on at this link.  When it comes to the remaining two assessments, though, it’s important that your son or daughter take the real Myers-Briggs and the real Strong Interest Inventory under the supervision of a certified provider. The fee you pay for this assessment service includes a phone appointment where the consultant speaks with you personally for 30-60 minutes in order to “verify type” on the Myers-Briggs.  Note that the “free” MBTI and SII assessments you find online are not the same thing, and are not recommended for our purposes.

The recommended consultants above will assist you to “verify type” on the Myers Briggs. If you’d like me to do “storyfinding” for your son or daughter as well, read to the bottom of this page.

For certified financial planning that emphasizes strategizing for debt-free college and retirement at the same time, contact one of the approved providers on this list:

If you have an extremely complicated financial situation or a very high family income, contact: 

If you are a financial planner or other investing professional who’d like to purchase software that will allow you to do high level financial planning that combines college and retirement planning, I recommend you purchase the software provided by:

*I am not compensated in any way for making these recommendations.

If you’d like your name to be added to one of the above lists, do this.

Reach me through the contact tab on this website. Note that I do not ever recommend consultants whose websites promise “getting kids into their dream schools.” I only endorse consultants who take the long view, emphasizing the use of three assessments (MBTI, SII, and StrengthsFinder 2.0) to zero in on career goal early on, and then finding accredited, good fit colleges that are best bets for getting kids through college debt-free in record time and into jobs they love afterward.

If you want my professional help with a law, medical, business, or graduate school application, visit me at When you get there, click on GET HELP NOW. My client roster fills up quickly every year, so contact me early.

If you would like to purchase a two-hour “storyfinding” appointment with me, here’s what to do.

My “storyfinding” appointments are two-hour phone appointments where I have parents and students on the line at the same time. During this meeting I personally look through your child’s MBTI, SII, and StrengthsFinder 2.0 assessment results, ask your child many questions, and then zero in on one particular career goal that could make perfect sense for him or her to talk about in college and scholarship application essays.

Once we’ve got this career goal in our sights, I help your child figure out a a compelling true story from his or her own life that goes right along with that career goal. This story, followed by the well-thought-through career goal, will provide the foundation for a stunning, fantastic college and scholarship application essay that will “MAKE THEM SAY WOW.”

Having an essay like this ready to go will be fantastically helpful for your family, because if your son or daughter has a great essay that starts out with an outstanding goal perfectly coupled with a compelling story, he or she can modify that essay and use it over and over again to apply for more than 80 scholarships over 8 years.

Necessary prerequisites for a storyfinding appointment with me:

Families requesting a storyfinding appointment with me are required to complete three steps before asking me for an appointment:

1) Have the Myers-Briggs and Strong Interest Inventory assessments administered by a certified provider as described above. Complete the phone appointment necessary to “verify type” on the Myers-Briggs.

2) Take the StrengthsFinder 2.0 assessment as described above.

3) Complete my 2-hour MAKE THEM SAY WOW: How to Write Brilliant College and Scholarship Application Essays class. You can find out how to access that class by reading my free weekly email newsletter every week. (Once you’ve subscribed, click here to learn how to “whitelist” my newsletter with your email provider so it ends up in your primary email inbox every single week.)

The cost for a two-hour storyfinding phone appointment with me is on sale for a limited time for just $299.00. (Regular price: $495.00.)

To purchase a storyfinding meeting for yourself or someone you love, use to send $299.00 to this Paypal email address: In the Paypal comments box, tell me the date your son or daughter completed the MAKE THEM SAY WOW class, and give me three dates and times you can be available for a storyfinding appointment. I will get back to you with a telephone appointment time. Note that there is always a long, long waiting list for my storyfinding appointments in June, July, and August.

Please note: I reserve the right to delete comments that are offensive or off-topic.

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14 thoughts on “Approved Consultants

  1. HI
    How can I purchase your book “Launch: How to Get Your Kids Through College Debt Free” Also, we have 2 minority kids adopted out of foster care. I have heard there are opportunities for them not available for all kids, how do I access those?


    Liz Magill

    • Liz,

      The book is not out yet. It was due out at the end of this year, but portions have to be redone because of changes to the financial aid application process that President Obama made on Sept. 13.

      One thing you can do is check your kids’ ages on the “what to do when” section of my website. References in that section to the timing of the FAFSA form are off right now because of the September 13 changes, but there is still much there that will benefit you.

      The best thing I can do for you now is to have you subscribe to my email newsletter so you are getting input from me every week. Then, come to as many of my live classes as you can. These are usually $49 per person and $20 for each additional family member, but I am giving a free shorter speech on October 8 at 7:00 PM at White Bear Lake area high school South campus auditorium.

      If you are on my email newsletter you will be among the first to know when the book comes out.

      Thank you for asking me about this!

    • Liz, the first opportunity to pre-order discounted copies of LAUNCH will be at starting at 6:00 am on January 18, 2016. There will be limited quantities available at that time so mark your calendar.
      : – )

  2. Jeannie,
    I was wondering if you do coaching for students looking to study for the ACT/SAT tests? I have a daughter who is wanting to take the PSAT and the ACT this year and her high school counselor told us to invest a good testing coach.

    I honestly have no idea where to find one, but thought of you because of the work you have already been doing in this area.

    Do you mainly coach parents on college application processes? Or do you also provide tutoring services to students who want to do well on standardized tests?

    • Rachel,

      You’re asking great questions about SAT/ACT prep.

      Here are some things to think about on this subject:

      1. I strongly suggest that you have your daughter seriously prep for just one of these tests. She’s busy enough without making her spread her limited time out over both. The ACT is so widely accepted now, especially in the midwest, that that one might be a good one for her to pursue with gusto.

      2. Have her take it once just to see how she does. If she scores high enough she might not even need structured prep. Don’t worry that she might bomb the test by taking it without prep. If she does poorly on it she can always take it again as many times as she wants to and schools will always look at her highest score.

      3. I don’t do SAT/ACT prep myself — though I did do it as a KAPLAN instructor many years ago. I don’t do test prep coaching first, because I am too busy and am turning away clients as it is, but second because I don’t currently have a full time research department behind me keeping up with every little change in these tests. This is a critically important qualification for any test prep you choose — and it’s a reason I never recommend locally based “tutors” or classes. After all these years I still do strongly recommend KAPLAN for test prep because they are so huge and have so many resources to put into the formation of their class curriculum and practice materials. Save yourself money though — just take KAPLAN’s least expensive $299 self-paced option and create a personal calendar at home for how your daughter will progress through the materials and get everything done. Scroll all the way to the bottom of this page and you’ll see the KAPLAN course I’m recommending:
      (I get nothing for telling you this, FYI, I just think it’s the best option for you.)

      4. If you daughter’s counselor is gravely worried about her standardized test prowess for some reason, worry no more. There are hundreds and hundreds of well-respected “test optional” colleges and universities that don’t require standardized test scores at all. Please take a look at the extensive informative blog post I wrote on this subject here and feel hope:

      5. You asked if I “coach parents on the college application process.” Parents get help from me through the free resources on my website and through my blog and free weekly email newsletter — but because my consulting schedule is 99% filled with medical and grad school applicants, I do very very little one-on-one consulting with parents of high schoolers. The biggest, most substantial help I have for parents of high schoolers is my book LAUNCH: How to Get Your Kids Through College Debt Free and Into Jobs They Love Afterward (due out in 2016). This book will be more help to you than one-on-one consulting would be because it is so complete. You can get on the waiting list for the book here:

      Hope this helps! Best wishes!

  3. Hi Jeannie, I’m glad I found your page! I read some testimorials of other students you’ve helped and found it very encouraging. I’m currently a pre dental student by the end of the year I will graduate with a BS in Psychology with a roughly 2.9-3.0 GPA. Took me 8 years to graduate, but I did it and nothing is stopping me now. By this point, I know I have to do a post bacc program and I could use the help with the personal statement and everything in general. I was wondering if you offer your services to dental applicants as well?
    Thank you,

    • Dear ME, I do help with dental school! Please go to and click on GET HELP NOW. Follow the instructions to get a free 20-minute phone consultation with me. If you do need my help, don’t worry I’ll give you the June 12th price!

  4. Hello,

    I am one of those parents that delayed finding a resource such as yours! I am feeling a bit overwhelmed in how to catch up. I bought your book as soon as it was available and have read up to the grade of my kids (one sophomore and one junior). My question is, what do I do with the limited time from this point on? Do you have fast track recommendations for those of us with older kids? We started 529s for them when they were younger, but it is only a small fraction of tuition costs. Both kids are in dual enrollment already. I am a bit perplexed on how to get my junior ready at this point!

    • Angela, I suggest that you read my book, LAUNCH, cover to cover, with a pen in hand. Write down all the ideas that feel doable for you right now. Just focus on those ideas only. If you are busy, assign this job to your husband.

      Don’t worry; every chapter of LAUNCH says, “You don’t have to use all of these ideas! Just do the ideas that work for your family and either modify or discard the rest.” Good luck!

      Watch my free weekly email newsletter — I may be coming out with a “fast tracking” resource at some point. — Jeannie


  5. Hi Jeannie,

    Great website!
    I’m wondering if my children sign up for the WOW course at MACHE, will this count as the completed course prerequisite for the storyfinding appointment?

    Thank you!

    • Hi Sara! MACHE has not yet asked me to speak. I AM, however, speaking at the Minnesota Catholic Home Educators Conference and Curriculum Fair ( on June 2,2017. If you attend my essays class there, then — yes! That counts as the prerequisite for the storyfinding appointment.