Approved Consultants

If you’re looking for medical school or grad school consulting help from me, Jeannie Burlowski, scroll to the blue box below.

Are you looking for a Gallup certified strengths coach who also administers and interprets the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and the Strong Interest Inventory (as I strongly recommend in Chapter 13 of my book?)

Or maybe you’re looking for a financial advising professional who uses my book in his or her practice.

This page will provide you a list of consultants and financial advising professionals I have personally screened and approved.

Certified Help

For certified help using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, the Strong Interest Inventory, and the CliftonStrengths Assessment (formerly called StrengthsFinder 2.0) to think through career options, contact one of these approved providers:

  • Cindy Mattson at ELEVATE Coaching (I sent my own kids to Cindy Mattson, and I paid full price for her help. Highly, highly recommended. Worth 20 times what she charges.)



Phone: (651) 503-8838

                  Please allow 48 hours for a response

(I’m currently looking for other qualified assessment providers to add to this list. If you’re certified in these three assessments, read on for information on how to be added to this list.)

If you’ve read chapter 13 of my book LAUNCH: How to Get Your Kids Through College Debt-Free and Into Jobs They Love Afterward, you know that I believe it’s critically important for students to clarify the bullseye on the career target early on—as soon as possible after January of 10th grade. The three assessments I prescribe above are key tools for achieving exactly that. Note that the “free” MBTI and SII assessments you find online or at the local high school are not recommended for our purposesBe sure to use a certified consultant for this very important work.

Certified Financial Advising

For certified financial advising that includes the highest quality debt-free college planning for students, retirement planning for parents, and wealth management all at the same time, contact one of these approved providers:

Be extremely wary of any financial advising professional who tries to get you to use insurance as a primary college savings vehicle. Certainly, a qualified financial professional will encourage you to get insurance if you genuinely need insurance—but insurance should never be viewed as a primary college planning strategy. You can learn more about this topic in this Money Magazine article. The financial professionals I recommend above have all read my book cover-to-cover, and use only the highest quality college finance strategies.

*I am not compensated in any way for making these recommendations.

If you’d like your name to be added to one of the above lists, do this.

Reach me by scrolling to the “Contact Me” section below. Note that I do not ever recommend consultants who promise to “get kids into their dream schools.” I only endorse consultants who take the long view, using the tools I provide to:

  1. supply parents with dozens of debt free strategies,
  2. help students zero in on career goal early on, and
  3. assist students to identify good-fit college programs that get them straight to those career goals with the least possible amount of time and money spent. 

The consultants I endorse don’t get kids to their “dream schools,” they use resources I provide to get kids to their dream lives.

If you want my professional help with an application to law, medical, business, or grad school, visit me at When you get there, click on GET HELP NOW. My client roster fills up quickly every year, so contact me early.


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