The Genius Way to Hack the Education System

Today, let’s talk about a genius way you can hack the education system for any kid age 15 and up.

If you’ll use just one simple tool—and just about two hours of your time—you can hack the education system so that it works better for the uniquely created kids you care about.

hack the education system

The genius way to hack the education system:

1. Spend less than $15 and order the CliftonStrengths Assessment. (Also called StrengthsFinder 2.0.)

Be sure to order a brand new copy—so it’ll have the one-time code in the back that allows your child to go online and take the CliftonStrengths assessment.

2. The assessment will arrive in the form of a hardcover book. Flip to the back of the book, and rip open the red envelope you find there.

You’ll find instructions inside that allow one person (age 15+) to go online, answer 177 rapid-fire questions, and instantly learn his or her top 5 human strengths based on Gallup research.

3. Afterward, have your child read the easy-to-read chapters associated with each of his or her strengths—with pen in hand.

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Why Your Kid Needs a STRENGTHS Coach (More Than a Sports Coach)

Right now you might be thinking, “A strengths coach? What is that?”

Every child (and every adult) has personal strengths they can capitalize on to achieve success and highest levels of life satisfaction.

Do you know exactly what your greatest strengths are? I’m not talking about guessing. Do you know your strengths because you’ve had a professional person assess you, and name and describe your strengths for you?

Can you imagine how teens’ lives might change if they had a professional do this for them?

Let’s talk about that today.

Strengths coaching can relieve stress and pressure for your teens—and, as a side benefit, it can also contribute to your family saving $50,000 or more on college costs.

Read on to learn more.

Strengths coaching helps teens clarify the bullseye on the target before they take aim and shoot.

Here’s the #1 best tool I recommend for that.

When students reach age 15—or as soon as possible after that—I recommend they do some specific assessment work that helps them know what they’re naturally good at, what they love, what they’re naturally interested in, how they relate to other people, get energy, solve problems, make decisions—and what natural strengths and talents they bring to personal life and to the world of work.

Students who know these things—students who can verbalize these things as early as 10th grade—aren’t just amazing in job interviews starting very early on. They don’t just enjoy increased confidence. They’re also in ideal positions to start choosing college programs they might want to be a part of.

Like an arrow, straight to a bullseye.

Not one wasted class, not one wasted dollar.

Here’s the specific assessment I recommend taking first.

Once your child reaches early high school, I want him or her to take the CliftonStrengths Assessment under the direction of a live, human, Gallup-certified strengths coach.

strengths coach

This is important, because I don’t want you and your kid to just read over some printed results on paper and then toss the paper to the side.

You need a trained, qualified strengths coach to do this with you—and it can’t be me.

I don’t do Gallup strengths coaching myself—I’m not certified to do it.

You’ll need a Gallup certified strengths coach who will go over Gallup strengths results with you and your child, and be with you—either in person or in a teleconference—providing one-on-one training and coaching for you and your child as you apply this assessment knowledge to life, to family relationships, to the path to college, and to thoughts about future career.

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