On Memorial Day, 2020—We Pledge to Make a Difference

On Memorial Day, 2020, we remember those who have risked their lives, and given their lives for us.

And we as adults pledge to make a difference.

We pledge to help build courage and character into the teens and 20somethings we care about—so much so that they’re able to help bring about a more peaceful, more caring world.

memorial day

If we’re able to do this, we can make every future day a Memorial Day.

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It’s Catch-Up Week! Which of These Haven’t You Seen?

I’m spending Memorial Day having as much fun as I possibly can—and I hope you are too.

Whenever I take time off like this, I like to point you to some of my most helpful recent articles that you may have missed. This gives you a chance to catch up—right on a week when you may have a little extra time yourself.

Hear Me Interviewed on the FamVestor Podcast
See me live in my living room in Minnesota! Lots of ideas for parents of littles and older kids too. Listen while you’re cooking dinner.

Urgent Info for Parents of 9th Graders
Parents, do this now—and set yourself up to get way more financial aid money in 3 years.

Financial advising professionals—my understanding is that you should be able to send this article on to clients without creating a compliance issue, as long as you’ve discussed this topic with the client beforehand, and, when you send it, you include the suggestion that you meet to discuss it further on a future date. Thanks for being a hero to these families!

Applying for Scholarships During the Pandemic (ages 12–26)
This is a good idea, and I make it easy. Kids who see 4 minutes of my video will be hooked.

Hope for Your Kid’s Future During COVID-19
An academic strategist explains why it’s going to be OK.

And then the big one:

MUST-HAVE Student Loan Info for During the Pandemic.
(This one may be the most important one for you.)

If you’re currently paying down student loan debt—or if you’ve cosigned for someone else who is—I urge you—please click above and listen to the “Student Loan Lady,” Betsy Mayotte, being interviewed on the Death, Sex & Money podcast.

The interview takes just 25 minutes, and it’ll provide you the most current information on whether you do or do not have to pay on your particular student loans right now. (Betsy may keep you from making a mistake that could cost you thousands later.)

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How Will You Get Her Through College Debt-Free?

How will you get your daughter through college debt-free?

Step by step.

The same way you’ve gotten her through every other thing in life.

college debt-free

For clear, step-by-step help getting your kids to one of life’s most monumental goals, it takes only 7 hours to read my book: 

You can get 10-minute, fast-paced video instruction on how to use this book most efficiently at bit.ly/easylaunchinstructions.

Hear my best strategies for parents of little kids in my interview on the FamVestor podcast.

You’ll find it here.

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Join Me Live Saturday—Get Inspiration About Scholarships

Join me live, online, on Saturday May 9th, 2020 for fresh inspiration on applying for scholarships.

Bring the kids (ages 12–26), and invite friends and family all over the U.S. to join you.

Easiest Way to Win College Scholarships—Starting in 8th Grade

Free Webinar

Saturday, May 9th, 2020
8:00 am PDT
10:00 am CDT
11:00 am EDT

This webinar is available at this specific time only, and will not be recorded or replayed. Registration is required. Register here.

scholarship webinar

In less than one hour, I’ll be covering:

1. How to motivate students ages 12–26 to want to fill out scholarship applications. (For some of you, this one point alone will be worth thousands of dollars to you.)

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MUST-HAVE Student Loan Info for During the Pandemic (AUDIO)

With Student Loan Advisor Betsy Mayotte

The recording below contains critically important student loan info for during the pandemic. Forward this article on to anyone you know who’s spent any amount of time in college—ever. (As well as the parents who might have cosigned loans for them.)

You may have heard that the United States CARES Act (passed in March of 2020) has “suspended student loan payments for six months, interest-free.” But wait—is that actually true? Is it true in your family’s particular case?

If you’re a parent who’s cosigned a student loan, or worse—you’ve taken out a dreaded Parent PLUS loan, you need to know. You can’t risk making a student loan payment mistake that could cost you thousands later.student loan info for during the pandemicFor the best, most accurate student loan info for during the pandemic—I’m turning to Betsy Mayotte.

Betsy (affectionately known as “the student loan lady”) is the president and founder of The Institute of Student Loan Advisors (TISLA), online at freestudentloanadvice.org.

Don’t delay. Listen to Betsy Mayotte’s 25-minute interview on WNYC’s Death, Sex & Money podcast here.

Listen as soon as you can. You’ll get authoritative, clear, must-have student loan info for during the pandemic.

You’ll hear Betsy give clear answers to questions such as:

“So—75% of federal student loan borrowers will automatically receive a waiver of their student loan payments and 0% interest through September 30th, 2020. Am I included in that 75% or not?

The answer to this question is complicated, but Betsy provides clear answers.

Betsy also answers questions such as:

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Change of Plans for Parents Who Follow Me! Details Here.

In late August of 2019, I made an exciting announcement to the parents who follow me. Low-cost, personal debt-free college planning help from me—coming soon!

At that time I wrote to the parents who follow me: “I’m going to be bringing together a tribe—a group of parents from all across the United States—who’ll get ongoing, personal, step-by-step help from me with implementing debt-free college strategies.”

A fantastic opportunity for parents and financial advisors who don’t want to do important college planning in isolation.

Our plans for this have changed just a bit.

This “tribe” will launch not in fall 2019, but in March 2020.

Subscribe to my free weekly email newsletter, and when the launch happens you’ll be allowed to join this tribe as a founding member at the lowest possible price.

parents who follow me

“Why are we waiting until March 2020?”

I was surprised to discover that launching a tribe like the one I’m describing would require me to completely revamp my website. Quite a feat, considering that my current website has over 200 articles that parents all over the world access every day.

This “revamping my website” step required me to find a web designer experienced in tribe technology—and the first two designers I hired didn’t turn out to have the necessary experience.

Essentially—I’ve had construction delays.

Mark your calendar for March of 2020!

Once you join, you’ll attend one online group meeting with me any month you have a question for me.

Plus you’ll get my two most popular half-day seminars for your kids—delivered online—at no additional charge.

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Moving Into or Out of a Dorm? DormRoomMovers.com Saves the Day

Your child’s moving moving out of a college residence hall, heading off to another adventure for summer. What’s he going to do with all his stuff? You don’t want to drive the family minivan all the way there to pick it up. Especially because it’s not just clothes and school supplies. He’s got a mini-fridge and a microwave too. How can you take care of this in the easiest way possible?

Enter the dorm room moving superheroes, Dorm Room Movers.

Note that I have no affiliate agreement with this company. I’m giving you this information for free!

moving out of the dorm

Dorm Room Movers sends clean, new packing materials straight to your son or daughter’s dorm room, and then either ships them home—or, if you prefer, stores them for the summer—and then delivers them back the following fall.


And if your child’s headed off to college for the first time this coming fall? 

Avoid paying airline baggage fees or hauling heavy boxes yourself. Save gas money. Reduce the need for your daughter to bring a car with her to college. Dorm Room Movers will send empty boxes to your house, and all you have to do is pack, print shipping labels, and schedule a pickup on the DormRoomMovers.com website.

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Can a 20something Pay Off Debt By Living on 51% of Her Income?

Is it possible for a struggling 20-something to get completely out of debt (including student loan debt) using a one-year shopping ban and living on 51% of her income?

Today I’m featuring an outstanding article written by Laura Shin for Forbes.  As you read it, give special attention to the great quote below from Mr. Money Mustache, a blogger who retired at age 30.


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It’s True: Even Middle Schoolers Can Earn Real College Credit Through CLEP

Imagine your 7th grader earning real transferable college credit for the knowledge she just gained in her middle school history class. Are you astounded that this is possible?

Students of all ages can turn their regular school learning into real college credit in 33 different subject areas—thanks to the College Board’s CLEP® program.


CLEP® provides one of the best, fastest, cheapest ways for any student to earn real college credit before they ever set foot on a college campus. And if your middle schooler can do it? Then the high school or college student in your life certainly can.

Your child’s next school break might be an excellent time for him or her to work on earning CLEP® credits. Here are three steps you can take now to make that happen.

clepTO DO- (2)

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