Why College Students RUN to Try to Work at UPS Each December

A few months ago I wrote about the joy of having college tuition paid by employers who have generous tuition reimbursement plans.  If you missed that post be sure to read it here.

Today I’m featuring the generous tuition reimbursement program offered by UPS, since UPS always actively recruits new employees each December.

Photo credit: aircargoworld.com

Photo credit: aircargoworld.com

As a matter of fact, UPS just ran this ad in the Minneapolis Star Tribune on December 14th, 2015:


Many college students figure:  “If I start with a seasonal UPS job, that’ll give me a foot in the door when I want to apply for a part-time job there later.”

Does UPS extend tuition reimbursement benefits to part-time employees?

People always ask me this.  Yes!  (The info is below.)

Are there good job opportunities available within UPS once students graduate from college?

Yes.  And UPS has many, many careers that don’t involve driving a UPS truck or moving boxes.  Students can prep for a career in technology, marketing, management, accounting, aviation, or almost any other field and still get a job with UPS.

If you’re an adult or a student who’d like to get up to $25,000 to help pay your college bills, perhaps consider applying for a job with UPS this month.

Read the exciting things UPS says about its tuition reimbursement program on its website:

UPS Tuition Assistance Program

To assist employees in furthering their educational development, we are proud to offer the UPS Tuition Assistance Program (TAP). An ongoing effort to recruit, retrain and develop qualified individuals, TAP ensures that UPS will continue to grow as a company, prosper as a business and excel as a global service.

In the United States, tuition assistance is available to:

  • Full-time non-union employees
  • Part-time management employees
  • Part-time union employees

In 2010, we provided $24 million in tuition support to approximately 14,000 students. Since the program began in 1999, we have invested $187 million in tuition assistance for approximately 113,000 college students.

UPS also invests about $300 million a year on training programs to help employees further their careers within the company.”

Adults who’d like to earn an undergraduate degree online can even get UPS to chip in up to $5250 annually ($25,000 over a lifetime) through a specialized online degree program at Thomas Edison State College.  If you were considering an online degree anyway, this one might be particularly interesting to you!  After all, don’t you think UPS would might be keenly interested in hiring you after just having invested $25,000 in your education?

But wait — how much can high school and college students earn in a year without sabotaging their financial aid for college?

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