Why College Students RUN to Work at UPS Each December

Most college students would love to earn significant money while home on a December college break. Tell the students you care about—UPS may be the place to apply (for more reasons than just the paycheck).

What does UPS provide in addition to a paycheck?

Photo credit: aircargoworld.com

Photo credit: aircargoworld.com

A lot.

1. Potential for a permanent part-time UPS job that lasts through college graduation

According to this article, “Over the last 3 years, about 1/3 of people hired by UPS for seasonal package handler jobs were later hired in a permanent position when the holidays were over.”

Excellent! Especially if you’ve seen this podcast episode where I explain that students who work part-time during the academic year tend to get higher grades than students who don’t.

Win, win!

2. Generous UPS tuition reimbursement

As you’ll see here, even part-time UPS employees continuing on after the holidays can earn up to $25,000 to help pay their college bills at the college of their choice. Wow! (And this is in addition to the competitive paychecks part-time UPS employees receive.)

Read the exciting things UPS says about its tuition reimbursement program on its website.

(When you finish—read what I’ve written about tuition reimbursement here. I’m a huge fan of it!)

3. Highly attractive UPS career opportunities after college graduation

UPS has many, many careers that don’t involve driving a UPS truck or moving boxes. Students can prep for a career in technology, marketing, management, accounting, aviation, or almost any other field and still get a post-college job with UPS.

According to this article, “UPS is consistently training the part-time employees of today to be the senior executives of tomorrow.”

This makes sense!

If you just read the part of this article talking about tuition reimbursement, you should be thinking, “Hmmmmm—UPS might be keenly interested in hiring me for a post-college job after they just invested $25,000 in my college education!”

Students can apply for a UPS job at any time at jobs-ups.com.

UPS typically races to hire more than 100,000 seasonal workers between October and January each year. Students can apply now and either start working at UPS part-time right away—or just work at UPS over winter break.

In 2021 UPS is offering “30 minutes or less from application to hire for qualified applicants.”

But wait—how much can high school and college students earn in a year without sabotaging their financial aid for college?

I answer that in this podcast episode.

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