My Best, Funniest Parenting Tip

For Parents of Kids Ages 8-18

In this short post, I’m going to share my best, funniest parenting tip.

This one makes me laugh just thinking about it.

funniest parenting

What do you do when your normally good kid turns sassy or disrespectful, or makes a deliberate choice that’s against family rules?

My mom used to make me sit on a hard chair facing an empty corner of our dining room for 20 minutes, and it was excruciating.

I use a different strategy for my kids. 

I make them watch TED Talks.

“Honey, would you please put your phone on the kitchen counter for awhile? Feel free to take it back after you’ve watched 30 minutes of TED Talks. Pick any subject you like! If you can’t get it done today, that’s OK. Any time this week will be A-OK with me.”

The results can be hilarious.

One time, in 2008, my 8-year-old started a fascinating dinner conversation on the subject of 3D printing. “Where did you learn about that?” my husband and I asked him in amazement. “I heard about it in a TED Talk,” my son replied matter-of-factly, plopping another heap of mashed potatoes onto his plate.

Read on and I’ll share with you one of my favorite TED Talks.

“What are TED Talks?” gathers revered experts the world over to present “ideas worth spreading.” Each expert thinks of the most brilliant, innovative topic he or she knows about, and then presents this idea in a short, powerful talk of 18 minutes or less. The talks are so clear and understandable that even 8-year-olds can grasp the content. TED covers almost every topic you can think of—from science, to business, to psychology, to technology, to education, to global issues.*

I listen to them every morning while I’m getting ready for work!

This could be the start of something great.

Notice what types of TED Talks your child gravitates toward over and over again. This could be a direct hint about possible future career goal.

For fun, listen to one of my very favorite TED Talks:

Dr. Shawn Achor was repeatedly voted “The Most Popular Professor at Harvard.” His TED Talk titled The Happy Secret to Better Work is one of my favorites. I love this talk so much that I make all of my clients listen to it before I’ll work with them. You can find it here. (Caution, this TED Talk does contain one two-word PG-13 reference.)

*A very few TED Talks address mature themes. Check the online description of each TED Talk before your little ones listen.

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