Today is the LAST DAY to get my April 11th classes at a reduced cost. PLEASE SHARE.

My classes cost only $39 each, but that’s still unaffordable for some families.

Families who desperately need help getting their kids through college debt free.

Here’s help.  Families with documented financial need can get reduced rates on my classes.  But they have to call the school district that is sponsoring my classes today.  The number to call is . . .



The number to call is:  651-458-6600.  Tell the receptionist that you need a reduced rate for Jeannie Burlowski’s April 11th classes.

To get a great article on debt free college plus detailed information about these classes (including registration links), click here.

Then please, please — let your friends know about this reduced cost by clicking SHARE now.  

Thanks everyone!  My goal is to help as many families as possible — thank you for helping me do that!

PS  If you haven’t yet been to to click on your child’s age in the WHAT TO DO WHEN section, plan to do that tonight!

The newsletter in the link above talks about four different things any family can do to get kids through college debt free.  Which of these have you tried?  What other ideas have you heard about for getting kids through college debt free?  Comment below.