Think “Community Service” is Just Another Dull Chore? This Inspiring 2 Minute Video About WE ACT Will Change Your Mind Forever

On some middle school and high school campuses, parents form an organization where they meet together monthly to strategize how they can get their kids through college debt free. (The free, step-by-step resources on my website make great discussion material for a group like this.)


Sometimes, this parent group gives birth to a student group that ends up changing the students, the school, the local community, and the world.

(And as a side effect, provides great material to write about in scholarship applications.)

Parents, teachers, and school staff:  if you need curriculum for starting up a student club like this, take two minutes and watch this powerful, inspiring video about WE ACT here.

To maximize the probability that your child will get through college debt free and directly into career afterward — be sure to join me for two live classes coming up on April 11th in Cottage Grove, Minnesota.  You can get more information here.

What’s your response to the WE ACT Video?  Could you see yourself pulling parents together to get WE ACT started on your local middle school or high school campus?