Genius Strategy for Giving $20 in COLLEGE SAVINGS As Holiday Gifts

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How to Give College Savings As Gifts and Get Happy Hugs in Response

Most grandparents love to dote on their beloved grandchildren, but let’s face it. Older kids and teens are notoriously hard to shop for.

How can grandparents give a relatively inexpensive holiday gift that will be remembered with tears and great appreciation for years down the line?

No matter your income level or budget, Grandma and Grandpa, here’s an ingenious idea for deeply impacting the kids you love this holiday season.


This idea will help you to take the $20 you were planning to spend on a holiday gift, easily put that money into the best possible kind of college savings account, and still have something meaningful and beautiful for the child or teen to unwrap at your family’s holiday gathering.

All without nicking your own finances or damaging the teen’s future financial aid eligibility in any way.

For grandparents who’ve never met me, let me introduce myself.

I’m the author of the book LAUNCH: How to Get Your Kids Through College Debt-Free and Into Jobs They Love Afterward (available here). I have 23 years experience as an academic strategist (I own, and everything I do is geared toward getting kids straight to their highest, most passionate career goals with the least possible amount of time and money spent.

I’d like to give you a free resource that explains exactly how this clever gift-giving idea works.

I’ve written a clear, readable article that explains to grandparents, godparents, aunts, uncles, and other caring adults exactly how to put large or small monetary gifts into college savings accounts for the kids you love — while still having the loving, memorable gift opening you so look forward to. My idea will work even if the kids’ parents don’t have college savings accounts set up yet.

The article is a fast, interesting, fun read, it’s been vetted and approved by multiple certified financial planners, and it’s guaranteed to give you new ideas you’ve never thought of before.

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How to Give College Savings As Gifts and Get Happy Hugs in Response

Do this, and you just might change the life of someone you dearly love.

All while spending no more money on holiday gifts than you are right now.

For more complete debt-free college help, it takes just 7 hours to read my book:

LAUNCH contains many, many ideas that grandparents can use to help grandchildren.

You can read LAUNCH straight through in 7 hours, but most people read only one chapter every three months as the kids they love are going through middle school and high school. Do that, and you’ll know every viable strategy for debt-free college at exactly the right time to implement it.

And if a child you love is already well past middle school? That’s OK; you can run to catch up. But the process of getting kids through college debt-free goes more smoothly the earlier you start it – especially if the child’s family is not planning to save up any money to pay for college.

You can “Look Inside” the book on Amazon for free by going to:

You can see the “Top 9 Questions Parents Are Asking Me About LAUNCH,” here.

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What gifts do you like to give to hard-to-shop-for kids and teens? Are you thinking about their college savings at all? What ideas have you found for helping them with college savings without damaging their future college financial aid eligibility? I’d love your input! Comment below, or LIKE Jeannie Burlowski Author on Facebook, find this post on that page, and let’s talk about it there.

Who is Jeannie Burlowski? 

Jeannie is a full-time academic strategist, author, speaker, and podcast host. Her writing, speaking, and podcasting help parents set their kids up to graduate college debt-free and move directly into careers they excel at and love. Her work has been featured in publications such as The Huffington Post, USA Today, NerdWallet, and US News and World Report, and on CBS News.

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