The Surprising Reason Your Kid Should Apply to At Least One College That’s Far Out of State

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I know, I know.  You have a lot of people telling you that the local state university is your kid’s bargain basement choice.  Well…

Unless your child is able to become a part of the honors program at that state university, this is not likely to be true.  For the sobering truth about the cost of state schools, read my previous posts on this subject here and here.

The bargain choice for your child may actually be a private college located far, far from your home state.


Far from your home state?  Why would that be?

Because some private college admissions departments like to gain prestige by bragging that the college has students in attendance “from all 50 states.”  If they are missing the South Dakota kid and you just happen to be from South Dakota,  your child may get a nice big fat scholarship to attend based solely on “geographic advantage.”

In many cases these scholarships are so generous that they more than make up for the plane tickets you have to buy to get your son home for Christmas.

If you’re going to try this strategy, take my advice and let your “far away” private college be one of the 3000 U.S. colleges and universities that do not require the CSS/Profile financial aid form.  Private colleges that look only at the FAFSA form may give your family more generous amounts of free money financial aid — getting you closer and closer to your goal of having your kid graduate college debt free.

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