You need to hire a speaker — or maybe you’re thinking about attending one of my live events. You’re wondering: “What kind of a speaker is Jeannie Burlowski?”

I am a seasoned, experienced platform speaker. I have over 20 years experience inspiring audiences of high school, middle school, and college students (and their parents).

Here’s a sampling of the comments I received at the end of one of my recent sessions:

On August 27th I taught my 2.5 hour “Strategic College Student” class to an overflow crowd of middle school and high school students and parents ranging in age from 11 to 55. Yep, all those people, all at once, all in the same room.

At the end of our session I asked everyone in the room to write down “three words that describe our time together.”

Here are the top 14 words people used to describe the session:

44 people wrote: “Helpful, Perfect Help, Very Helpful.” (27 middle schoolers said that!)

33 people wrote: “Inspiring, Inspirational, Inspired.” (11 middle schoolers and nine 16-19 year olds described me as “inspiring!”)

28 people wrote: “Informative, Informing, Informational, Lots of Information.”

37 people used the words: “Interesting, Encouraging, Motivating, Amazing.”

Here are just a few additional comments that came in that night:

43 year old mom: “I had goosebumps at times, and feel so motivated to do something with my life after raising children. I expected to learn things to help them, but unexpectedly learned how to help myself too.”

11 year old male: “Keep doing what you’re doing. You’re great at it and very inspirational.” (The kid who said this was 11!!)

16 year old female: “This was the best and most interesting class that I have ever been to.”

A different 16 year old female: I am a junior in high school taking dual enrollment college classes in high school. I was feeling overwhelmed and unorganized, and this seminar has given me the encouragement and motivation to do my very best this school year. NOW I know where to start! Thank you!”

18 year old male: “What you said was insanely helpful. I just hope I have the motivation to put what you taught me to use. Thank you.”

16 year old male: “‘Inspired. Prepared. Excited. Confident.’ After taking this class, these are the words that represent my feelings for the college years that are to come. I really struggled with how much of an undertaking I thought college would be, but after tonight, you gave me a lot more hope. Thank you.”

14 year old female: “Thank you! I am hoping to do better this year! I am so happy my mom made me do this!”

16 year old male: “Thank you . . . You showed me a lot of things I probably never would have thought about or done on my own. I’ve learned a lot of things, including taking notes, which I never really have done too much before. It really makes college less intimidating.”

13 year old girl: “I think you are utterly brilliant and inspiring with the way you present information.”

17 year old male: “I am a high school student taking dual enrollment college classes. College seemed scary at the beginning of this week because of work. Tonight helped so much — it has shown me how much potential I can have.

55 year old mom: “Thank you for this informative seminar! You exude passion, and your energy is infectious.”

14 year old male: “This was awesome!”

44 year old dad: “Everything you said four years ago is working out. Ellie did CLEP and dual enrollment college classes in high school, has one scholarship, is volunteering at Regions Hospital, and is now going to be in the ER volunteering. She is planning on medical school.”

43 year old mom: “Your scholarship essay class helped my daughter get a $5,000 (per year) four year scholarship. That’s $20K.”

13 year old female: “I loved how clearly you spoke. The way you taught this class made me want to be organized and succeed. Thank you!”

Finally, here’s an email I received from a 36-year-old mother months after this class was over:

“My 12 year-old son and I attended one of your seminars in November (get great grades while working less). I want to give you feedback about the impact that you have had on my son from the day in November when we attended your seminar.

First, your way of speaking, your excitement, and ability to be clear, concise (in a way that a 12 year-old could understand) prompted him to lean over to me 10 minutes into your class and say that he would be willing to attend your ‘MAKE THEM SAY WOW’ essay writing seminar. Up to that point he thought I was wasting our money and precious hours of his weekend. Suddenly, he was writing notes and anticipating attending a seminar about essay writing …..on a Saturday!

Second, we lingered after the class so that you could see his notes and I could ask a question. I remember he handed his notes to you and commented that his writing was sloppy or something to that effect. You took the notes from him and examined them as if they were 2000 years old and written in gold. That obvious tenderness was not lost on me. Then you said quietly and with genuine awe that his notes were just wonderful and that you did not see many high schoolers with such complete notes. I don’t remember the exact words you used but it made an impact on him. You made him feel like the smartest kid in the city. As parents, my husband and I often find unique ways to compliment an action, a choice, or a comment he has made. He will dismiss it and say that we say it because we love him. Sometimes a stranger can have a much bigger impact on a kid than a parent. That is a truly unique power.”

This is how parents and students feel.

How do event organizers feel about my speaking?

Here’s just one example.

Recently, Michelle Ulland, Director of Admission and Enrollment at Minnehaha Academy in Minneapolis, was approached privately by someone looking for a top-notch speaker. Here’s what Michelle wrote in response:

Jeannie is a fantastic speaker. We have invited her to speak a total of
3 times at MA, and we have plans to have her back next year. Our current families
and community members have given her outstanding feedback regarding her
speaking style, content, additional resources, and specialty classes she
teaches. She is engaging for middle/high school students and parents. Her
passion to help others succeed in life is evident and inspiring.

I can connect you with one of our current parents who attended her
speaking event on Jan. 10th, purchased Jeannie’s book, and attended her
scholarship essays class. Her name is Karen and her email is (withheld).

I can’t say enough great things about Jeannie Burlowski as a person and as a professional.
I would highly recommend her to any organization that wants their families
to feel empowered and students to feel confident as they prepare for
college and career. I have attached her handouts from the event so you can
get a glimpse into her format. Please let me know if I can provide any
additional information.

Michelle Ulland
Director of Admission and Enrollment

Minnehaha Academy, Minneapolis

I have hundreds more quotes just like these.

To book me as a speaker for a conference or a class anywhere in the world, email my assistant, Natalie, at brilliantincollege@gmail.com.


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Who is Jeannie Burlowski?

Jeannie is a full time author, academic strategist, and speaker. Her writing and speaking help parents set their kids up to graduate college debt-free and move directly into careers they excel at and love. She also helps students apply to medical school at her website GetIntoMedSchool.com. You can follow her on Twitter @JBurlowski.