How Will You Get Her Through College Debt-Free?

How will you get your daughter through college debt-free?

Step by step.

The same way you’ve gotten her through every other thing in life.

college debt-free

For clear, step-by-step help getting your kids to one of life’s most monumental goals, it takes only 7 hours to read my book: 

You can get 10-minute, fast-paced video instruction on how to use this book most efficiently at

Hear my best strategies for parents of little kids in my interview on the FamVestor podcast.

You’ll find it here.

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Join Me Live Saturday—Get Inspiration About Scholarships

Join me live, online, on Saturday May 9th, 2020 for fresh inspiration on applying for scholarships.

Bring the kids (ages 12–26), and invite friends and family all over the U.S. to join you.

Easiest Way to Win College Scholarships—Starting in 8th Grade

Free Webinar

Saturday, May 9th, 2020
8:00 am PDT
10:00 am CDT
11:00 am EDT

This webinar is available at this specific time only, and will not be recorded or replayed. Registration is required. Register here.

scholarship webinar

In less than one hour, I’ll be covering:

1. How to motivate students ages 12–26 to want to fill out scholarship applications. (For some of you, this one point alone will be worth thousands of dollars to you.)

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MUST-HAVE Student Loan Info for During the Pandemic (AUDIO)

With Student Loan Advisor Betsy Mayotte

The recording below contains critically important student loan info for during the pandemic. Forward this article on to anyone you know who’s spent any amount of time in college—ever. (As well as the parents who might have cosigned loans for them.)

You may have heard that the United States CARES Act (passed in March of 2020) has “suspended student loan payments for six months, interest-free.” But wait—is that actually true? Is it true in your family’s particular case?

If you’re a parent who’s cosigned a student loan, or worse—you’ve taken out a dreaded Parent PLUS loan, you need to know. You can’t risk making a student loan payment mistake that could cost you thousands later.student loan info for during the pandemicFor the best, most accurate student loan info for during the pandemic—I’m turning to Betsy Mayotte.

Betsy (affectionately known as “the student loan lady”) is the president and founder of The Institute of Student Loan Advisors (TISLA), online at

Don’t delay. Listen to Betsy Mayotte’s 25-minute interview on WNYC’s Death, Sex & Money podcast here.

Listen as soon as you can. You’ll get authoritative, clear, must-have student loan info for during the pandemic.

You’ll hear Betsy give clear answers to questions such as:

“So—75% of federal student loan borrowers will automatically receive a waiver of their student loan payments and 0% interest through September 30th, 2020. Am I included in that 75% or not?

The answer to this question is complicated, but Betsy provides clear answers.

Betsy also answers questions such as:

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The Kids Will Be OK! The Teachers Have Superpowers

Teachers everywhere want you to know—the kids are going to be OK.

The teachers are going to see to it.

If you’re a parent, here’s all you really need to do right now.

(It’s not much.)


Teachers are telling us:teachersParents, you can find additional caring help here:

The article will immediately help you feel better about your kid’s education and future during the pandemic: Hope For Your Kid’s Future During COVID-19.

If you’d like help motivating kids (ages 12–26) to rake in massive amounts of scholarship money during the pandemic, read here: Applying For Scholarships During the Pandemic.

Teachers with superpowers are on their way.

For now, parents—share your calm. Share your strength. Share your laughter.

It’s going to be OK.

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Easiest Way to Create a Top College Application Essay

Many of the articles on this website are for parents of students ages 12–26. This article—on how to create a top college application essay—is aimed specifically at high school students. Parents are encouraged to listen in to this advice as well.

Writing a top college application essay can be easy and fast when you follow these steps.

These steps are designed to help you get a top college application essay done confidently, and fast—with as little hassle as possible.

1. Try to complete your college application essay in April of 11th grade if possible.

Or as soon as possible after that.

I’ll explain why below.

college application essay

2. Start by creating one fantastic scholarship application essay using the instructions here.

Do this, and you’ll end up with one application essay that can be used over and over again—for many years—for many different purposes.

You’ll be able to use this essay to apply for over 80 scholarships—with very little time investment.

Reusing this essay as your college application essay is a genius strategy.

(You’ll find my 3-hour video class on how to create this multipurpose essay here.)

3. End your college application essay by saying that you want to develop your greatest talents further while you’re in college.

You do, don’t you? That’s why you’re going.

This sentence helps you to complete the argument that you’re highly focused and capable in key areas right now—but want college to help you grow even further.

4. When you’re asked to choose a college application essay topic on the common app, make your multipurpose essay fit by doing this:

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Applying for Scholarships During the Pandemic (ages 12–26)

Most of my writing and speaking is about getting kids through college debt-free without scholarships—but people have been asking me lately, “Would it be a good idea to apply for scholarships during the pandemic?”


Here, 4 great resources for families applying for scholarships during the pandemic:

1. Skim this article—it points you to 1.5 million scholarships to apply for.

2. Skim this article as well—it gives you a genius way to motivate your kids to want to fill out scholarship applications.

scholarships during pandemic

3. Skim over this very popular article on how students can rake in college scholarships despite lower grades and test scores.

It’s encouraging!

4. Finally, take this 3-hour video class with your son or daughter (age 12–26): MAKE THEM SAY WOW: How to Write One Brilliant Scholarship Application Essay and Use it Over and Over Again.

In this 3-hour video class, I’ll teach you and your kids the fastest, most efficient way to fill out the greatest number of scholarship applications in the least possible amount of time.

[Video Class] MAKE THEM SAY “WOW!”

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Hope for Your Kid’s Future During COVID-19

Parents isolated at home with children, teens, and college students are saying to themselves, “Yikes—I need hope for my kid’s future during COVID-19.”

Hope is here.

Here, 7 reasons to have hope for your kid’s future during COVID-19.

Pass this on to a friend who needs increased hope in uncertain times.

Kid's Future During COVID-19

1. The at-home schooling you’re doing now is not going to hurt your kid’s future.

I know it’s imperfect. I know it’s difficult to have a school routine when you don’t have enough quiet workspaces for all of your kids—and you’re trying to work from home too. It’s OK. Just do what you can, and trust that the gaps in your kids’ education during COVID-19 will even out later. They will.

2. Carefully isolating your family is the best thing you can do for your kid’s future during COVID-19.

I know it takes time and energy. I know it’s stressful. I know you’re having to think about survival details you’ve never thought of before. I know you wonder when it will ever be over.

But keep on. One day at a time.

When you isolate, you help protect your kids and others from grief over the deaths of people they love—and you protect us all from an unnecessarily prolonged economic downturn.

The more diligently we isolate, the faster this will be over. I promise.

3. Remind yourself daily: This is temporary.

Dr. Eileen M Feliciano, Psy.D. comforts us with these words: “Take time to remind yourself that although this is very scary and difficult, and will go on for an undetermined amount of time, it is a season of life and it will pass. We will return to feeling free, safe, busy, and connected in the days ahead.”

4. COVID-19 will not diminish your child’s future college or grad school prospects.

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Got Little Kids? Hear Me Interviewed on the FamVestor Podcast

If you’re parenting little kids, don’t miss me being interviewed on the FamVestor podcast.

The FamVestor audience tends to be families with little kids, so I provided lots of debt-free college strategy for exactly that demographic.

Listen to just 8 minutes of the audio, and you’ll be hooked.

Even if you can’t save up one penny to help pay for college.

Click here to play:

Listen while you’re making dinner for your little kids!

Or—the entire interview is also available on video.

Opt for the video version and you’ll  get to see me, at home in my very own personal living room. (It’s the very first time the general public has ever been invited into my living room!)

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We’re Overcoming ALL the Blocks and Obstacles

Lately, I’ve really been doubling down on figuring out exactly which blocks and obstacles are keeping parents from moving confidently toward debt-free college for their kids.

debt-free college

From talking to parents when I speak, I know that they want debt-free college strategy that is:

  1. Clear, easy to digest, and quick
  2. Complete
  3. Does not require much work from parents
  4. Safest and best for the child, regardless of where she goes in life
  5. Inspiring and reassuring—makes you feel good
  6. Tailored to kids’ ages and individual family needs—so parents don’t have to read or listen to anything they don’t need right now.

This last one is especially important.

Parents want clear, quick, specific instruction that applies to where their kids are right now.

No parent wants to spend time reading or listening to directions they’re not going to need for a year.

Because of this, I’ve taken two steps that are game changers for busy parents.

First—I organized my book of debt-free college instructions so that parents only read one chapter every three months or so—and every chapter is directed straight at a kid’s current month and year in school.

Then I created a fast-paced, 10-minute video training that explains how to use the book in the fastest, most efficient way.

Boom. Tailored to be exactly what you need, right now.

Second—because I know that parents are having individual questions they want answered—in mid-March of 2020 I’ll be opening the doors to a membership—where parents will have an open door to be with me in person, online, in a group setting, 10–15 times per year.

Doors to this membership will open for just 5 days in mid-March 2020.

You can find out more about this membership (and learn about the deep, altogether understandable parent needs that are inspiring me to create it) here.

Opportunity to join will only be extended to readers of my free weekly email newsletter.

You (and your friends) can subscribe now at

Parents, we need to talk about the blocks and obstacles you’re facing more in depth.

The stakes are high for your kids. College debt is a big deal.

If we, together, can overcome your blocks and obstacles and lay necessary, wise debt-free college groundwork early on, you can save the kids you love decades of unhappiness and struggle.

Even if you can’t save a penny, even if you’re not a candidate for government financial aid, even if your kids don’t get a single scholarship.

I want to hear more about the obstacles you’re encountering as you work toward this very important goal.

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6 Things I Learned From My Website Redesign

Here are 6 major things I learned during my large-scale website redesign process.

1. It’s important for me to have the right person managing the tech side of website design.

Because I’m incorporating a TRIBE membership into my website this time around, I needed a person with experience managing all the pieces that go into that.

Jacquie at White Space Design is doing a great job for me, even though I’m in Minnesota and she’s in Australia.


2. It helps me to look at other people’s websites to get inspiration.

My favorite inspiration came from and

What I noticed on each of these sites was simplicity, clarity, and carefully placed calls to action.

3. It helps me to think of a website as a series of boxes stacked on top of each other.

The top box is most important. It needs to immediately answer the question every website visitor will be asking: “What life change am I going to get—if I stay on this site for 9 seconds?”

This is funny when I think of it—but it’s true!

My top box will say, “Set your kids up to graduate college debt-free and move directly into careers they excel at and love. (Even if they don’t get a single scholarship.)”

I already know—this is an empowerment promise that parents love.

4. For me, the first step on website redesign starts with pencil and paper.

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