STARTING POINT: All the Basics You Need to Know Right Now (AUDIO)

For Parents of Kids Ages 12–26

If you’re a parent and you’ve just found this, you’re probably thinking:

“Oh, wow—seriously? There’s help for getting my kids through college debt-free, and into great jobs after college? I had no idea this kind of help was available! Am I late starting this? Yikes, I don’t have any spare time! If I work on this, how much time is it going to take me?”

Rest easy, Mom and Dad. You’re not late.

And getting your kids through college debt-free takes only minutes per week.

Right now, at this moment, you’re standing at the perfect starting point.

Listen to episode 1 of my podcast, below. It takes only 23 minutes. (Listen while you’re commuting, loading the dishwasher, or getting ready in the morning.) When you finish listening, you’ll feel hope and confidence, and you’ll know exactly what you need to do next to get your kids to the most exciting academic and career destinations—even if they don’t get a single scholarship.

If you’re parenting kids ages 12–26, listen to just the first 8 minutes below, and you’ll be hooked.

debt-free college podcast

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Morgan Stanley’s Alix Magner Buys 30 Copies of LAUNCH For Her Clients

Below, the Top 9 Questions Parents Are Asking Me About This Book


To see a list of the top 9 questions parents are asking me about LAUNCH—along with detailed answers—scroll to the red print below. 

When Morgan Stanley’s Alix Magner calls you, you sit up a little straighter in your chair.

Alix is a high-powered, Stanford educated wealth management advisor who works with Minneapolis area families who have millions in assets—and families who are strategizing to get to that point.

When Alix told me that she’d read my book cover to cover and wanted to buy 30 copies for her clients, I jumped out of my chair.

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Teens—Don’t Burn Your Opportunities for Temporary Comfort

Tell your teens, “Don’t burn your opportunities for temporary comfort.”

This image will help you get your point across:

temporary comfort

You might want to take a photo of this image and text it to a teen with these words: “I’m so glad you’re climbing ladders instead of using them for firewood!”

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It’s Catch Up Week! Which of These Articles Did You Miss?

I’m taking some extra time off this Thanksgiving—and I hope you are too.

Whenever I take time off like this, I like to point you to some of my most helpful recent articles that you may have missed. This gives you a chance to catch up—right on a week when you may have a little extra time yourself.

What to Do and What to ASK On a College Visit

Are you parenting a kid currently in 10th or 11th grade? Learn how to put together effective, stress-free college visits that can help your kid land more merit aid money for college. (My downloadable list of questions to ask on college visits is included in this article.)

Simple Check-In Rule Helps Teens Avoid Risk

Your teen comes home late, after you’re already in bed. What do you ask him or her to do right at that point? What’s the rule? Learn a simple strategy that can ensure teen safety and help the kids you love to avoid risk.

How to Feel ECSTATIC When Your Kid’s in 12th Grade

You’ll feel ecstatic when your kid reaches 12th grade—if you’ve taken just a few debt-free college steps before that point. But what if it’s too late for that? What if your kid’s already in 12th grade and you’ve not taken any preparatory debt-free college steps so far? No worries. I can still help you feel really good as you move through November–June of the senior year of high school.

Specific help for parents of high school seniors here.

Greek University Jump-Starts Lives of Current College Students

I was recently interviewed on the Greek University podcast—and parts of it were hilarious. Listen to this interview for just 9 minutes, and you’ll get fresh inspiration on how to help your son or daughter rocket straight into law, medical, business, or grad school if that ever becomes a goal. You’ll learn why attending a fancy brand-name college isn’t required to have extraordinary life success, and you’ll find out multiple ways to get future and current college students through college debt-free—WITHOUT SCHOLARSHIPS.

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Grandparents: “So—What Do the Kids Want For Presents?”

Read this when your kids are birth to age 26

It usually happens sometime around Thanksgiving. Grandparents ask, “What are the kids going to want for presents next month?”

Answering this question can be difficult—unless you have this great idea handy:

Have the grandparents read this inspiring article on how to give small bits of college savings as holiday gifts.

This article gives grandparents an inexpensive way to be remembered with love for decades—and it’ll work no matter the age of the kid. (Birth to age 26.)

See this inspiring article here, and then share it with the grandparents who love your kids.

It’s not just about a transfer of money, it’s about a transfer of legacy. And the grandparents are going to love that.

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Student Loan Debt Will Affect Kids In Ways They Can’t Even Imagine

Start as early as you can using clever strategy that helps your kids graduate with zero student loan debt.

(Even if they don’t get a single scholarship, even if you don’t qualify for any financial aid—or you think you don’t—even if you can’t save up one penny to help pay for college.)

Here’s how you do that:

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“My Kid’s Not Choosing the Career I Want For Her!”

Your daughter’s not choosing the career you want for her, and you’re understandably disappointed.


Take heart, there may be hope for her yet.

Ask her if she’ll take the career assessments I discuss in this article. (The professionally interpreted assessments I recommend in this article are far different from the robot-scored ones offered at the high school.)

Doing this may open great family conversations that may convince her that your ideas are good ones.

Or—they may convince you that she’s actually got a great idea.

(If she resists taking career assessments, consider using the strategy I provide here and pay her to take these assessments if necessary.)

If she wants to live with you because her career choice doesn’t allow her to pay her own bills, this resource will help you.

As you breathe through this season of life, remember these words on career—from Mother Teresa.

You will teach them to fly,
but they will not fly your flight.
You will teach them to dream,
but they will not dream your dream.
You will teach them to live,
but they will not live your life.
Nevertheless, in every flight,
in every life, in every dream,
the print of the way
you taught them will remain.
~Mother Teresa

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Fill Your Kids With So Much Love That…

I love this quote by author and speaker Jon Acuff:

I’m right there with you Jon.

For sure.

Who is Jon Acuff?

Jon Acuff is the New York Times Bestselling Author of Finish: Give Yourself the Gift of Done and an INC Top 100 Leadership Speaker. You can get acquainted with Jon and listen to his podcast at

Now—get those kids you love through college debt-free and into jobs they love afterward.

Step-by-step help is in my book:

LAUNCH is a reference book, so nobody reads the whole thing cover to cover. Pick out what you need to read in it using the fast-paced, 10-minute video instructions here.

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And I’m Asking, “Would You Like a 5-Gallon Bucket and a Hose?”

I saw this great meme the other day.

After I looked at this meme for a minute I thought, what am I asking people?

Here it is:

“How would you like a 5-gallon bucket and a hose?”

Here is your next step to providing your kids with a 5-gallon bucket and a hose, and the inspiration to water the garden that is the world:

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Greek University Jump-Starts Lives of Current College Students

What if there were an organization focused intently on improving the lives of college students all across the U.S.? There is, and it’s called Greek University.

What is Greek University—and how can it help my kid?

Greek University provides on-campus (and conference-based) educational programming that strengthens fraternities and sororities so they can do maximum amounts of good on their local campuses and in their communities.

You can see the many ways Greek University strengthens college campuses here.

See my interview on the Greek University podcast below.

This was one of my favorite interviews ever. Michael Ayalon, my interviewer, was funny and inspiring, and pulled helpful details out of me that few interviewers ever do.


Listen to this Greek U. podcast episode for just 9 minutes, and get fresh inspiration about:

1. Helping your son or daughter rocket straight into law, medical, business, or grad school—if that ever becomes a goal

2. Why attending a fancy brand-name college isn’t required to have extraordinary life success

3. Multiple ways to get future and current college students through college debt-free—WITHOUT SCHOLARSHIPS

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How to Feel ECSTATIC When Your Kid’s in 12th Grade

Who feels ecstatic when their kids are in 12th grade?

Parents (at all different income levels) who’ve laid the groundwork needed to get their 12th grade kid through college debt-free—and then directly into a career that kid excels at and loves afterward.

(I provide clear, step-by-step help with this in the book you see below.)

If it’s too late for ecstatic—I can at least help you feel super happy when your kid is in 12th grade.

If you’ve not yet laid any debt-free college groundwork, that’s OK.

I can move you and your friends quickly toward the goal of debt-free college and career for your 12th grade kids.

12th grade

Just take these 5 easy steps:

1. Get free, fast-paced, 10-minute video training from me right now, here.

There are 3 videos listed—watch only the one labeled “12th grade.”

2. Get help from me every Monday morning throughout this very important 12th grade year.

Subscribe to my very popular free weekly email newsletter here.

It’s free. You can unsubscribe at any time.

3. Learn here why you need to—quick—fill out the FAFSA form even if you’re rich.

Don’t leave college money on the table. Apply. I’ll help you.

4. Look at this process like it’s a glorious adventure, with unimaginable treasure at the end.

Because it is.

I’ll be your guide.

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Kid in College Next Fall? Grab This Free Money Now

If you’ll have a kid in college next fall, grab this free money right now.

That’s right. Eleven months before college starts.

Fill out the FAFSA financial aid form as soon as you can after October 1st, 2021—no matter your income level.

Do this, and you’ll put your kids first in line for all the free college money they have coming. fafsa

Download my very popular free FAFSA help here.

(Get it right now—you’ll feel ahead of the game and on top of this process, and that’s an energizing, exhilarating feeling.)

You’ll find even more debt-free college strategy in my book:

This book has 12 chapters specifically for parents of high school seniors.

It’s a reference book, so nobody reads the whole thing cover to cover. Pick out what you need to read in it using the fast-paced, 10-minute video instructions here.

Read just one chapter of LAUNCH each month during your child’s senior year of high school.

You’ll know every viable strategy for debt-free college at exactly the right time to implement it.

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