STARTING POINT: All the Basics You Need to Know Right Now (AUDIO)

For Parents of Kids Ages 12–26

If you’re a parent and you’ve just found this, you’re probably thinking:

“Oh, wow—seriously? There’s help for getting my kids through college debt-free, and into great jobs after college? I had no idea this kind of help was available! Am I late starting this? Yikes, I don’t have any spare time! If I work on this, how much time is it going to take me?”

Rest easy, Mom and Dad. You’re not late.

And getting your kids through college debt-free takes only minutes per week.

Right now, at this moment, you’re standing at the perfect starting point.

Listen to episode 1 of my podcast, below. It takes only 23 minutes. (Listen while you’re commuting, loading the dishwasher, or getting ready in the morning.) When you finish listening, you’ll feel hope and confidence, and you’ll know exactly what you need to do next to get your kids to the most exciting academic and career destinations—even if they don’t get a single scholarship.

If you’re parenting kids ages 12–26, listen to just the first 8 minutes below, and you’ll be hooked.

debt-free college podcast

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Morgan Stanley’s Alix Magner Buys 30 Copies of LAUNCH For Her Clients

Below, the Top 9 Questions Parents Are Asking Me About This Book


To see a list of the top 9 questions parents are asking me about LAUNCH—along with detailed answers—scroll to the red print below. 

When Morgan Stanley’s Alix Magner calls you, you sit up a little straighter in your chair.

Alix is a high-powered, Stanford educated wealth management advisor who works with Minneapolis area families who have millions in assets—and families who are strategizing to get to that point.

When Alix told me that she’d read my book cover to cover and wanted to buy 30 copies for her clients, I jumped out of my chair.

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Live, Online Help is Here—Join My TRIBE Membership Waiting List

Doors to my TRIBE Membership are currently closed. Doors will open again for just 5 days in March of 2022. This page allows you to learn more, and join the Waiting List. Space is limited.

You’ve got a book that helps you get kids through college debt-free—but you want more.

The stakes here are high.

When you have a question on a step you’ve just read about in this bookyou’d love to get access to the author to get that question answered.

That help is available inside Jeannie Burlowski’s TRIBE Membership.

Along with community and accountability that makes the whole process more fun.

Whether the kids you care about are in middle school or in high school right now.

(Learn what other parents are saying about this at the bottom of this page.)

The doors to my TRIBE Membership are currently closed.

Doors open just twice each year—for 5 days in March and 5 days in September.

Space is limited.

Join when the doors are open and get these 6 benefits:

1. TRIBE Members get access to the author online, in a group setting, 10–15 times per year.

Just 10–15 times per year—not a big time commitment!

Read your scheduled chapter in LAUNCH, and then attend the corresponding online group meeting if you have questions or would like extra help. That’s it! No extra work for you beyond just the 10–15 online meetings each year.

Many of the parents, financial advising professionals, guidance counselors, and admissions consultants inside this TRIBE Membership think of it the way they think of their AAA Auto Club membership. “Use it only when you get stuck!”

Other members carefully put every TRIBE Membership meeting into their calendars—using our online gatherings as a way to keep accountable and keep moving.

You never know—someone else in the TRIBE Membership might come up with a question or an idea you’d never thought of before. We’re better together!

2. TRIBE Members get the powerful boost that comes from accountability.

You might forget to read a book on your shelf—but when you’ve got an online meeting on your calendar, you’re going to show up, be prepared, and take action when the meeting’s over.

When people are expecting you—you show up.

And showing up is what keeps you moving forward on the debt-free college and thriving career journey.

Whether the teens you care about are being cooperative right now or not—and no matter your family income level.

And if you need to miss a session? No problem. Recordings are available inside the membership for two weeks after each session is over.

3. TRIBE Members save time. (They get the 3-session View From The Top of the Mountain class included for free.)

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A Mom Stopped Me at Costco to Say…

A mom I don’t know stopped me at Costco recently—to tell me that I got all of her kids through college debt-free—and her family only did a fraction of the ideas I have in my book.

college debt-free

Her oldest is in medical school now, and has a huge jump start on keeping his med school debt low.

I told her to look at this article I wrote for more help keeping med school and grad school debt low.

She told me, “I still read your free weekly email newsletter every Monday morning!”

(Anyone can subscribe for free here.)

This is wildly fun work I do.

She used this book:

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Parenting Teens? It’s Only 364 Saturdays

If you’re parenting teens or younger children, you may get emotional whiplash as you swing back and forth between thinking, “This is going so fast!” and, “This is taking forever!

In reality, here’s how long you actually have with your teen:

parenting teens

Breathe deeply. This season of parenting teens will be over before you know it.

Hold this day like a bubble. Take photos. Capture your thoughts in a spiral notebook that you show to no one. Slow way down—and hold moments in your heart like they’ve been placed there by a skilled videographer.

And when parenting teens gets really hard, remember this.

From the wonderful book Mother and Son: The Respect Effect by Emerson Eggerichs, PhD:

“There’s a reason God asked Abraham to sacrifice Isaac when Isaac was 12. Because if he’d have waited until 13—it would have been no sacrifice!”

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Online Class—College Study Skills—August 14th, 2021

For Students Ages 12–26 and Their Parents

This online class is free for my TRIBE Member families. Not yet in my TRIBE? Get on the Waiting List here, join when the doors open in September, and you’ll get free access to this class in December of 2021.

There’s not a student alive who wouldn’t love to get higher grades than anyone else while studying LESS than most other people.

In this 1/2-day online class, students ages 12–26 and their parents learn the advanced studying, test-taking, and paper-writing strategies that top students use to succeed at the most prestigious colleges in the country while still having plenty of time left over for leadership, volunteering, working for money, and having more fun than they ever thought possible.

If you’re a student who’ll be tackling tough academics this upcoming school year or next—this is the class for you.

Students will leave at the end of this online class armed with a systematic review method developed at Carnegie Mellon University that can completely eliminate the need to ever cram for exams.

See parent and student reviews of this online class at

This class is a $289.00 value—but it’s free for my TRIBE Members. Not yet in my TRIBE? Join the Waiting List here and you’ll get free access to this class in December of 2021.

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Simple Check-In Rule Helps Teens Avoid Risk

This valuable article on helping teens avoid risk is a guest post by Ken Ginsburg of the Center For Parent and Teen Communication. 

By Ken Ginsburg

A Simple Check-In Rule Can Help Teens Avoid Risk

Our tweens and teens are going to have to make certain decisions and choices in the face of peer pressure. And generally, they will want to do what’s right. But they may not know how to avoid risk while still saving face with their peers.

They may benefit from an easy way out.

Parents can give them that “out” with a simple rule: The Check-In Rule.

teens avoid risk

The Check-In Rule Is Simple:

No matter how late your teens may stay out, they must check in with you when they come home.

Even if you’re sleeping, they need to awaken you to say they’ve arrived. (And there’s a good chance you may not be sleeping too soundly until your teen is home anyway!)

Parents who effectively monitor their teens by regularly checking in in this way may find that their tweens and teens avoid risk—and are less likely to check out mentally and emotionally.

Our Hope Is—That Teens Avoid Risk When They Know They’re Deeply Cared For

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Never Tell a Kid, “That’s Impossible.” Here’s Why

young person

This book I wrote can help you equip your kids to accomplish the impossible:

It’s a reference book, so nobody reads the whole thing cover to cover. Pick out what you need to read in it using the fast-paced, 10-minute video instructions here.

You can see more than 100 reviews of this book on Amazon by going to:

(Tell your friends.)

You can see why financial advising professionals love LAUNCHhere.

You can see the top 9 questions parents are asking me about LAUNCHhere.

Read just one chapter of LAUNCH every 1–3 months while your child’s in middle school and high school, and you’ll know every viable strategy for debt-free college at exactly the right time to implement it.

And if your child’s already well past middle school? That’s OK; you can run to catch up. But the process of getting your kids through college debt-free goes more smoothly the earlier you start it—especially if you’re not planning to save up any money to pay for college.

Take a step on this right now. Get regular, inspiring help from me—every Monday morning.

Subscribe to my free weekly email newsletter here.

Do you have specific questions for me about debt-free college and career for your kids?

It’s my members that get most direct access to me. Doors to my membership open each year for just 5 days in March, and 5 days in September. It costs just pennies per day, but space is limited. Join the Waiting List here.

Who is Jeannie Burlowski?

Jeannie is a full-time academic strategist, podcast host, and sought-after speaker for students ages 12–26 and their parents and grandparents. Her writing, speaking, and podcasting help parents set their kids up to graduate college debt-free and move directly into careers they excel at and love. Her work has been featured in publications such as The Huffington Post, USA Today, Parents Magazine, and US News and World Report, and on CBS News.

Jeannie also helps students apply to law, medical, business, and grad school at her website You can follow her on Twitter @JBurlowski.

4 Fun Ways to Get Kids Doing More Chores

Recently I sent readers of my email newsletter a super helpful article on how to get kids to do more chores —simply by using a paper form that the kids fill out every morning.

You can see that article here ——> Fewer Screens * More Cheerful Chores * Happier Summer.

Today I’m providing four additional ways to gently, with humor, influence kids to do more chores this summer:

more chores

The good news about chores? Kids who do them are more likely to be responsible when it comes to schoolwork.

They’re also more likely to go on to college, or to a career-building technical school program.

Strategize now to get these kids through college debt-free using this book:

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What Success Really Looks Like—Surprise!

If the path to your goals has looked more like a pile of spaghetti than a straight line, don’t worry—there’s nothing wrong with you!

We sometimes think that the path to success will be an easy, straight shot if we do all the right things. In reality, this pile of spaghetti is on almost everyone’s plate.

Keep going. You’ll get there!

For clear, step-by-step help getting your kids through college debt-free and into jobs they love afterward, get a copy of my book:

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It’s Catch-up Week! Which of These Haven’t You Seen?

4th of July, 2021

I’m spending the long Fourth of July weekend having as much fun as I possibly can—and I hope you are too.

Whenever I take time off like this, I like to point you to some of my most helpful recent articles that you may have missed. This gives you a chance to catch up—right on a week when you may have a little extra time yourself.

What to Do and What to ASK On a College Visit

Are you parenting a kid who’ll be in 10th or 11th grade this coming fall? Learn how to put together effective, stress-free college visits that can help your kid land more merit aid money for college. (My downloadable list of questions to be sure to ask on college visits is included in this article.)

Fewer Screens * More Cheerful Chores * Happier Summer

A mom in my TRIBE membership told us on June 8th that this strategy literally brought “joy” to her family. Learn how you can increase chores and reduce screen use by having your kids fill out a form every morning. (Downloadable form included.)

Medical-Based Financial Aid For Even Minor Medical Conditions

Learn how to apply for this specific kind of financial aid here. (You’ll need more than just the FAFSA form for this.)

Urgent Info for Parents of 9th Graders

Parents, do this now—and set yourself up to get way more financial aid money in 3 years.

Financial advising professionals—my understanding is that you should be able to send this article on to clients without creating a compliance issue, as long as you’ve discussed this topic with the client beforehand, and, when you send it, you include the suggestion that you meet on the phone or on Zoom to discuss it further on a future date. Thanks for being a hero to these families!

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Free Downloadable: Questions to Ask on College Visits

Download and print my free resource:

THE EFFECTIVE COLLEGE VISIT: Questions to Get Answered Before the Day is Over

Once you’ve got this free downloadable resource, take a look at my newest article on how to have an effective, stress-free college visit.

It’s here. And it’s helpful!

(You can get back to all this free help later by googling “Burlowski college visit.”

For clear, step-by-step help getting your kids through college debt-free and into jobs they love afterward, get a copy of my book:

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