STARTING POINT: All the Basics You Need to Know Right Now (AUDIO)

For Parents of Kids Ages 12–26

If you’re a parent and you’ve just found this, you’re probably thinking:

“Oh, wow—seriously? There’s help for getting my kids through college debt-free, and into great jobs after college? I had no idea this kind of help was available! Am I late starting this? Yikes, I don’t have any spare time! If I work on this, how much time is it going to take me?”

Rest easy, Mom and Dad. You’re not late.

And getting your kids through college debt-free takes only minutes per week.

Right now, at this moment, you’re standing at the perfect starting point.

Listen to episode 1 of my podcast, below. It takes only 23 minutes. (Listen while you’re commuting, loading the dishwasher, or getting ready in the morning.) When you finish listening, you’ll feel hope and confidence, and you’ll know exactly what you need to do next to get your kids to the most exciting academic and career destinations—even if they don’t get a single scholarship.

If you’re parenting kids ages 12–26, listen to just the first 8 minutes below, and you’ll be hooked.

debt-free college podcast

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Morgan Stanley’s Alix Magner Buys 30 Copies of LAUNCH For Her Clients

Below, the Top 9 Questions Parents Are Asking Me About This Book


To see a list of the top 9 questions parents are asking me about LAUNCH—along with detailed answers—scroll to the red print below. 

When Morgan Stanley’s Alix Magner calls you, you sit up a little straighter in your chair.

Alix is a high-powered, Stanford educated wealth management advisor who works with Minneapolis area families who have millions in assets—and families who are strategizing to get to that point.

When Alix told me that she’d read my book cover-to-cover and wanted to buy 30 copies for her clients, I jumped out of my chair.

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I’m Being Interviewed at the “Graduate With Honors Summit”!

The official title of this summit is, “How to Graduate With Honors (Even if You Don’t Think You Can).”

Sign up here for free, and you’ll get to hear me providing debt-free college and career strategy for parents in a fast-paced 40-minute interview.

Other speakers in this summit will be providing over 30 books, guides, and program trials that you can access for free—but don’t worry—nobody expects you to use them all. Access the ones you like, and let go of the rest.

Sign up here for free and see the other speakers you’ll get access to.

Listen to as many or as few as you like!

It’s like a buffet. Take what you like and need, and leave the rest.

When you finish the summit, take a giant leap toward debt-free college by getting your copy of my book:

It’s a reference book, so nobody reads the whole thing cover-to-cover. Pick out what you need to read in it using the fast-paced, 10-minute video instructions here.

You can see more than 100 reviews of this book on Amazon by going to:

(Tell your friends.)

You can see why financial advising professionals love LAUNCHhere.

You can see the top 9 questions parents are asking me about LAUNCHhere.

Read just one chapter of LAUNCH every 1–3 months while your child’s in middle school and high school, and you’ll know every viable strategy for debt-free college at exactly the right time to implement it.

And if your child’s already well past middle school? That’s OK; you can run to catch up. But the process of getting your kids through college debt-free goes more smoothly the earlier you start it—especially if you’re not planning to save up any money to pay for college.

Take a step on this right now. Get regular, inspiring help from me—every Monday morning.

Subscribe to my free weekly email newsletter here.

Do you have specific questions for me about debt-free college and career for your kids?

It’s my members that get most direct access to me. Doors to my membership open each year for just 5 days in March, and 5 days in September. It costs just pennies per day, but space is limited. Join the Waiting List here.

Who is Jeannie Burlowski?

Jeannie is a full-time academic strategist, podcast host, and sought-after speaker for students ages 12–26 and their parents and grandparents. Her writing, speaking, and podcasting help parents set their kids up to graduate college debt-free and move directly into careers they excel at and love. Her work has been featured in publications such as The Huffington Post, USA Today, Parents Magazine, and US News and World Report, and on CBS News.

Jeannie also helps students apply to law, medical, business, and grad school at her website You can follow her on Twitter @JBurlowski.

10 Colleges With SMOKIN’ HOT Financial Aid Packages

The Princeton Review has come out with a list of 10 colleges that offer students especially generous financial aid packages.

As you look at the list below, remember—generous financial aid packages go to families who apply for them.

Parents, please—always fill out the FAFSA financial aid application every October 1st that there’s even a chance you’ll have a kid in college or trade school the following fall.

Applying is free and easy—and you never know what you might get!

(Important: do this even if you’re rich.)

financial aid packages

According to the Princeton Review, especially generous state university financial aid packages are found at:

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It’s Catch-up Week! Which of These Haven’t You Seen

I’m spending Memorial Day having as much fun as I possibly can—and I hope you are too.

Whenever I take time off like this, I like to point you to some of my most helpful recent articles that you may have missed. This gives you a chance to catch up—right on a week when you may have a little extra time yourself.

Huge Earning Potential for Young People Skilled in a Trade

This article includes an inspiring 9-minute PBS NewsHour video featuring Discovery Channel TV host Mike Rowe.

Will Your Kid Be Able to Afford His Dream Life?

The quiz in this article lays the foundation for some great family conversations. (Pay your teens to take this quiz if that’s what it takes!)

Medical-Based Financial Aid For Even Minor Medical Conditions

Learn how to apply for this specific kind of financial aid here. (You’ll need more than just the FAFSA form for this.)

Fewer Screens * More Cheerful Chores * Happier Summer

Learn how one mom accomplished this, mainly by having her kids fill out a form every morning. (Downloadable form included.)

Hear Me Interviewed on the FamVestor Podcast

See me live in my living room in Minnesota! Lots of ideas for parents of littles and older kids too. Listen while you’re cooking dinner.

Urgent Info for Parents of 9th Graders

Parents, do this now—and set yourself up to get way more financial aid money in 3 years.

Financial advising professionals—my understanding is that you should be able to send this article on to clients without creating a compliance issue, as long as you’ve discussed this topic with the client beforehand, and, when you send it, you include the suggestion that you meet on the phone or on Zoom to discuss it further on a future date. Thanks for being a hero to these families!

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There’s Medical-Based Financial Aid? YES!

If your child has even a relatively minor medical problem, he or she may qualify for medical-based financial aid to help pay for college.

The key thing you need to know is—medical-based financial aid isn’t applied for the regular way (through the FAFSA form).

Families apply for medical-based financial aid through other channels that—in the past—have been tricky to figure out.

The easiest way for parents to learn about medical-based financial aid? This book by Jason White:

I’ve read this book cover to cover, and I loved it.

This quick-read, 87-page book is available on Amazon here:

From the back cover:

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Dilbert NAILS IT in this Conversation About Student Loan Debt


Help your kid (ages 12–18) sidestep this kind of financial future.

Get your copy of my book:

It’s a reference book, so nobody reads the whole thing all at once. You can pick out what you need to read in it using the fast-paced, 10-minute video instructions here.

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Got Kids Ages 12–26? You Need This

Jam-Packed Webinar Sponsored by Thrivent's Chicagoland Region

You’d love to see the kids you love get through college debt-free. It’s easier than you think—especially if you can start early.

Register for a webinar instantly below—for free, courtesy of Thrivent.

college debt-free

How to Convince Kids They Don’t Need Student Loans (1 hour)

Learn 3 surprising strategies that help students ages 12–18 to develop professional confidence early on, increase potential to graduate college debt-free, and feel poised and ready to step directly into satisfying career after college. (Even if they don’t get a single scholarship.) For students ages 12–18, their parents and grandparents, and the professionals who serve them. 

Tuesday, May 25th, 2021 1:00 pm CDT | 11:00 pm PDT | 2:00 pm EDT

FREE Register here.

(Note: your link to get into these webinars will come to you from Thrivent. Check all your email folders for “Thrivent.”)

View a fast-paced 3-minute video invitation by Jeannie Burlowski, our webinar presenter, here:

* These webinars are brought to the community at no charge, thanks to the generosity of Thrivent. Nothing is sold in these webinars. These webinars are available at these times only and will not be replayed. Connect with a caring Thrivent professional at

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Will Your Kid Be Able to Afford His Dream Life?

Will your daughter be able to afford her dream life? Will your son be able to live the way he wants to—considering the adult income he’s headed toward right now?

dream life

Have your kids (ages 8–26) complete this short quiz sponsored by Jump$tart. (They’re rockstars in building financial literacy for students.)

Take the Jump$tart quiz here:

Jump$tart’s Reality Check

If your teen or college student wants to get a good job someday but doesn’t know which career focus to pick, here’s a great inspiring article that can help—no matter the kid’s current age:

12th Grader’s Got No Career Direction? Do This—Right Now.

Give your kids a jumpstart on a dream life. Get your copy of:

Pick out what you need to read in it using the fast-paced, 10-minute video instructions here.

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Exciting FAFSA Changes Coming in 2022! I’m On It!

Exciting FAFSA changes are coming—in 2022!

I’ve been telling families for years—be 100% sure to fill out the FAFSA financial aid form every October 1st that there’s even a chance you’ll have a kid in college or trade school the following fall—because you don’t want to leave free college money on the table.

This is still true, and it still applies to you even if you’re rich.

Always fill out the FAFSA financial aid form, always at your earliest opportunity. This advice will not change.

Now you’re wondering, “How will these 2022 FAFSA changes affect my kids specifically?

If you’re feeling worried about FAFSA changes at all—just hold your horses.

I’m here to help my followers make a seamless, effortless leap between the old FAFSA system and the new one.

You’ll be right where you need to be if you’ll open my free weekly email newsletter every Monday morning. This is how I’ll keep you completely updated. Get your free subscription here, now. Don’t delay.

fafsa changes

Best news—when the time is right, I’ll be providing all the info you’ll need about FAFSA changes—all in one place.

For now, we’re all continuing to proceed through the clear directions in the first edition of my book, LAUNCH: How to Get Your Kids Through College Debt-Free and Into Jobs They Love Afterward. (Learn the fastest, easiest way to use this book based on your kid’s age at

When it’s time for us to shift to the new FAFSA system, an updated, brand-new second edition of LAUNCH will pull all the pieces together for parents of kids ages 12–26—and for the professionals who serve them.

That won’t happen for a while, though—so be sure you’re continuing to follow the instructions in the first edition of LAUNCH that’s currently available on Amazon.

This plan will make sure your family doesn’t fall behind in any way.

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