The TEDx Talk Every Parent Needs to Hear

This video by Adam Carroll will give you night sweats, but hold on -- I'll give you hope.

Today I’m featuring a 16 minute TEDx talk on student loan debt by Adam Carroll.

This is a must-listen for every parent.  

Listen while you’re getting ready for work in the morning, commuting, or cooking dinner.  It’ll change everything you’ve ever believed about student loan debt, and it’ll change your kid’s life.

And if you find yourself breaking out  in a cold sweat after listening?  Don’t worry.  Request my “QUICK START Guide” on this website, and then click on your child’s age in my “WHAT TO DO WHEN” section.  I’ll give you free, clear, step-by-step help getting your kids through college debt free and into jobs they love afterward.  To read my gravely concerned post on the topic of student loan debt, click here.

Here’s Adam Carroll:

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“If I Go to College There, Will I Be Able to Get an Off-Campus TUITION REIMBURSEMENT Job?”

Your son or daughter has started looking at colleges, and at this point the discussion is pretty much centered around how pretty the buildings are, what kind of sports they have, and “the quality of the business program.” But are there even more important questions that should be being asked?

Like: “If I attend here, will I be able to get an off-campus job that offers me tuition reimbursement?”

A fantastic fringe benefit for college students

Most students work for money while they’re in college. Highly strategic students don’t just work for money, they work for a paycheck plus a check that their employers write to their colleges to help pay their college tuition bills.

faveOf course you'll work during college.

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Easily Get Into Harvard—And Pay 70% Less For It?!?

Surprising Facts About Harvard that All Parents Need to Know

Would you like your child to have a Harvard education, but without the nerve-wracking admissions pressure or astronomical tuition cost?


If this sounds good to you, you might seriously consider the Bachelor of Liberal Arts (ALB) degree at the Harvard Extension School (HES), where the cost of attendance is only $22,500 per year including tuition, housing, food, books, supplies, personal expenses, and transportation (with financial aid available to those who apply and qualify).

This is a 70% savings off of the regular yearly cost of Harvard attendance, which is among the highest in the country at upwards of $68,000 per year.

1. “Are you kidding? Is this real? How would this differ from being a regular Harvard student?”

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Not a Bargain — Why Some Parents Steer Their Kids Away From State Universities

Community colleges tend to be a GREAT bargain for students.  (Do you wonder what gives me the credential to say that?  Click here.)  But what about 4-year state universities? Are they smart choices for students who want to keep college costs low?  At first glance the 4-year state university’s sticker price looks appealing enough. But is it really a good deal?

Here’s the big question to ask:

What is this state university’s four-year graduation rate?

If it’s nearly impossible to get through this college in four years, that’s deeply concerning.  Why?  Because financial aid doesn’t stretch to cover years five and six.  Too often, years five and six get paid for by expensive private loans and credit card debt.  Plus, of course, going to college for six years is likely to cost a student two years of full time income. 

Yikes.  Not a bargain at all.

Here’s what you can do to protect yourself.

Balancing The Account

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Your High Schooler—Excited about Saving Money in a ROTH IRA?

What are the chances that you could get your high schooler excited about saving in a Roth IRA?

Bowl of Money

photo credit: via photopin (license)

Better than you think—if you refuse to do it the old-fashioned way, using lectures and deprivation and drudgery. 

This post is designed to help you inspire your child to want to save and invest, by introducing the topics in a creative and exciting way, with opportunity and immediate reinforcement.

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It’s True: Even Middle Schoolers Can Earn Real College Credit Through CLEP

Imagine your 7th grader earning real transferable college credit for the knowledge she just gained in her middle school history class. Are you astounded that this is possible?

Students of all ages can turn their regular school learning into real college credit in 33 different subject areas—thanks to the College Board’s CLEP® program.

CLEP® testing in middle school and high school can save you thousands. 

CLEP® provides one of the best, fastest, cheapest ways for any student to earn real college credit before they ever set foot on a college campus. And if your middle schooler can do it? Then the high school or college student in your life certainly can.

Your child’s next school break might be an excellent time for him or her to work on earning CLEP® credits. Here are three steps you can take now to make that happen.

clepTO DO- (2)

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Must Watch Video for Parents

TEDx Adam Carroll

Are you a parent wondering if student loan debt is really that big a deal?  Watch this powerful, entertaining video by Adam Carroll at TEDx UWMilwaukee.  It’ll be the best 15 minutes you’ll spend on your kid this year.


Your Kid Just LOVES That Expensive Out-of-State College? Here’s What it Takes to Get In-State Tuition in All 50 States

You and your 10th grader are researching colleges, and all at once you’re both about to jump out of your chairs.

You’ve found a college that sounds absolutely perfect.

There’s only one problem.  It’s out-of-state and so extra expensive.PUSHPIN What it Takes To Get In-State

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THE FREE RIDE: 10 Elite Universities Where Middle Class Kids Don’t Pay Any Tuition

Every year I have parents tell me:  “I’m not letting my kid apply THERE.  Do you have any idea how much that school costs?!?!”

OK: let’s all just calm down a minute.  I know what the elite school sticker price appears to be, but I also know this:  that sometimes, the most elite schools are so generous with need-based financial aid that attending one of them can end up to be cheaper than attending a local state university.  For this reason, I always recommend that students apply to at least one college or university they believe they could never get into.  Students, you never know whether you could get in until you try.


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12 Ways to Help Kids Rake In More College Scholarships (Starting in 8th Grade)

The dad waited in a long line to get to shake my hand. He was beaming.


“We squeezed into a packed high school auditorium to hear you speak about debt-free college last year,” he told me. “You inspired my son to go home and apply for 20 scholarships he thought he’d never get. He won eight of them, and now has over $20,000 extra to help pay his college bills. I just wanted to say thanks.”

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