About Jeannie Burlowski

I’m a full time author, academic consultant, and speaker.  I help parents set their kids up to succeed brilliantly in college, graduate debt free, and move directly into careers they excel at and love.

My Mission

My mission is to be the “one stop shop” where parents come to find a clear, step-by-step list of exactly what to do when in order to get their kids through college debt free — and into jobs they love afterward.

I am also known as a resource for:

  • Financial planners and accountants
  • High school and middle school guidance counselors
  • College admissions consultants
  • College admissions staff
  • Teachers
  • Youth pastors
  • High school and middle school principals
  • College advisors
  • College professors
  • College and career counselors

who care deeply about helping families, but aren’t given a sufficient number of hours to walk individual parents through every step of this process.

My Blog

The goal of my blog is to create relevant, enlightening content that always presents fresh ideas you’d have never thought of on your own – and to do it in a way that saves parents time and tremendous amounts of money on college costs.  I typically post once or twice a week.

The best way for you to stay connected to my blog is to subscribe to my free weekly email newsletter, and then open it  every single time it lands in your email inbox.  (It comes to you at 6:00 a.m. every other Monday morning.)

My Biography

From 1987 to 1993 I worked for KAPLAN, the nationwide experts in preparing students for standardized tests (including the MCAT for medical school, the LSAT for law school, and the GMAT for business school).  KAPLAN kept me busy teaching large-scale seminars and classes that prepared thousands of students to succeed on the LSAT, GMAT, GRE, SAT, ACT, PSAT, and MCAT exams, plus I also taught KAPLAN’s Speed Reading (efficient learning) course.

During this time my KAPLAN students started asking me to critique the essays they’d written for their law, medical, business, and grad school applications.  Many professors asked to do this will mainly correct grammar and sentence structure – but I took my analysis about ten levels deeper than that.  I analyzed and strengthened these essays using the same principles of argument that I was teaching future lawyers in my KAPLAN LSAT classes.

The results were astounding, and my KAPLAN students started getting into law, medical, business, and grad school in record numbers – sometimes after having applied multiple times on their own with no luck.  A line of students wanting my application essay help formed outside my KAPLAN office door, so much so that in 1993 I left KAPLAN to do application consulting full-time from my own office on University Avenue in St. Paul.  I’ve kept a full schedule of consulting clients ever since.

So Then —- How Did I Start Helping High School and College Students and Their Parents?

In over 23 years of law, medical, business, and grad school application consulting I’ve seen every mistake a student can possibly make in high school and in college that can 1) destroy their med school application 2) wreck their chances of getting a job after college or 3) land them in $100,000 worth of student loan debt.  At the same time, I’ve worked with hundreds of other students who did everything so brilliantly, so strategically, that they sailed straight toward their goals with no problem.

Sometime in the 1990’s I became a curator (think:  a person who collects and catalogs valuable artifacts for a museum) of every possible good idea for succeeding brilliantly in college, graduating completely debt free, and moving directly into satisfying and well-paying career after college.  (And sailing straight into law, medical, business, or grad school if that is a goal.)  My consulting business exploded, to the point that I’ve had to turn clients away every year I’ve been in practice.  Now I’m packaging all these debt free college success strategies up into one website and two books that you can hold in your hand.  My first book, LAUNCH, clearly explains what parents need to do to make these things happen, and its partner book, FLY, clearly explains to students the role they play.

My Books

LAUNCH:  How to Get Your Kids Through College Debt Free and Into Jobs They Love Afterward

for parents, is available for pre-purchase for a very limited time at http://bit.ly/JeannieBurlowski


FLY:  The 6 Things You Absolutely Must Do To Be Brilliant In College and Get A Job You Love Afterward

for high school and college students, is due out in 2017

My Literary Agent

My literary agent is Esther Fedorkevich of the Fedd Agency in Austin, Texas.  The Fedd Agency is “an independent, full-service, boutique literary and entertainment agency serving talented authors who create beautifully-crafted works with meaning and purpose.”

Outside of Work

I have been married to my husband, Tim, for twenty-six years. We have a son, a daughter, and a green-cheek conure parrot named Sparky. We live just north of St. Paul, Minnesota.

In my free time I enjoy cooking, reading, traveling, and taking hot saunas and jumping into Lake Vermilion, where my family has had a lake cabin since the 1970’s.  I love to speak in faith-based settings.  I attend Substance Church in Spring Lake Park, Minnesota, and in my spare time I’m writing a third book entitled “Following Jesus For Just Six Weeks — A Journey of Surprise at Who He Really Is, and Who He Calls Us to Be as We Follow Him.”

My Contact Information

You can contact me via e-mail or follow me on Twitter or Facebook.  To book me as a speaker for an event anywhere in the world, call my assistant, Natalie, at +1-612-424-2233.  If you’re looking for my help getting your son or daughter into medical school, visit my GET HELP NOW page at www.getintomedschool.com.