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Note that information provided by Jeannie Burlowski, JeannieBurlowski.com, the Launch Your Teens podcast, and Jeannie Burlowski’s TRIBE Membership are for general informational purposes only.

Because an academic strategist cannot control student grades, test scores, individual family situations, or how well or how thoroughly parents follow offered suggestions—no representation, warranty, or guarantee can be made and no liability is assumed regarding any individual’s ability to graduate college debt-free or succeed in career or in life. The author and publisher of this material are not engaged in rendering legal, accounting, financial planning, or other professional service, and therefore do not assume and hereby disclaim any liability to any party for any loss, damage, or disruption caused by errors or omissions, whether such errors or omissions result from negligence, accident, or any other cause. Seek the advice and counsel of a properly licensed attorney, accountant, certified financial planner, or other licensed professional for specific guidance on how to apply these principles to your family’s individual financial situation. 


Terms of Service for Jeannie Burlowski’s TRIBE Membership

1. Above all, be kind, be supportive, and be respectful.

Jeannie Burlowski’s TRIBE Membership is a place of support, inspiration and positivity—it is not a place for negativity, rants, criticism, bullying, complaints, or comments on political matters. Quite simply put, please be a nice human being in your interactions with others.

2. Act in service of others—do not promote your business or your products.

We encourage you to share your questions, your helpful ideas, and your successes, but Jeannie Burlowski’s TRIBE Membership is not a place to promote your business, your products, or your affiliate links.

3. Do not PM another member without permission.

We love that so many great connections are made within Jeannie Burlowski’s TRIBE Membership, and while we are fully supportive of this, we ask that you request permission before sending any other member a private message.

4. For account-specific support, contact this email address:

If you have a support issue specific to your account, please contact us directly via email at jeannie@jeannieburlowski.com. You may also request a private consultation with Jeannie Burlowski, if needed, by emailing this same address. Private consultations outside the 10–15 TRIBE Membership meetings each year are charged at a rate of $150.00 per hour. Please allow three days for a response.

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