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THE STRATEGIC COLLEGE STUDENT: How to Get Higher Grades While Studying LESS Than Most Other People

For students ages 12–26 and their parents

There’s not a student alive who wouldn’t love to get higher grades than anyone else while studying LESS than most other people.

In this 3-hour live class, students ages 12–26 learn the advanced studying, test-taking, and paper-writing strategies that top students use to succeed at the most prestigious colleges in the country while still having plenty of time left over for leadership, interning, and having more fun than they ever thought possible.

Students leave at the end armed with a systematic review method developed at Carnegie Mellon University that can completely eliminate the need to ever cram for exams.


Are you a student age 12–26?

This class will help you to maximize your potential in high school and in college, give you more time to relax, and help you to become a top contender both for scholarships, and for career or grad school success after college.

Who should attend this class?

The class is ideal for current high school students, middle school students, current college students, graduate students, and teens who’ll be starting dual enrollment college courses this coming fall. Parents are encouraged to attend as well.


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This class is presented just twice each year.

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“Why are you encouraging middle schoolers to take this class? Isn’t age 12 way too early to take a class like this?”

Most parents don’t realize it, but middle schoolers’ brains are developing faster than at any time since infancy. Age 12, 13, or 14 is the perfect time for students to first get exposure to the strategies that top-performing college students use to manage time so they can study LESS than most other people.

Middle schoolers eagerly devour the information in this class, and then use what they learn to get higher grades all through high school. Bringing a middle schooler to an event like this is an opportunity that should not be missed.

“I’m a high school junior starting dual enrollment college classes this fall. Should I be taking this class?”

Absolutely, yes. This class will relieve your stress and anxiety, make your dual enrollment classes far easier for you to manage, and set you up to have the highest possible college GPA when you either go looking for post-college jobs or apply to grad school one day. Many students who’ve taken this class as middle schoolers take it again just before starting dual enrollment college classes in high school.

“I’m in graduate school. Should I attend this class too?”

Yes. This class is ideal for any student, age 12–26 and up, who would like to achieve more while giving less time to studying.

“I’m a parent. Should I attend this class with my middle school or high school age child?”

If possible, yes; please do. Parents are strongly encouraged (but not required) to attend this class. The reason? If your child begins to flounder academically at any point in the future, you’ll be able to say, “Remember that ________ strategy we learned from Jeannie Burlowski? Are you still using that one?” This class will help you to be your child’s greatest encourager and cheerleader during the college years.

“I’m not sure we need this class. Isn’t my child already learning high-level college study strategies in high school?”

No. The strategies in this 3-hour class are not taught in high school.

“My son or daughter would rather play video games than attend this class. Should I pay him or her to attend it?”

What a great idea! Take a look at the inspiring, helpful article Jeannie Burlowski has written on this exact subject here.

“I notice there’s a free, optional University of Northwestern campus tour starting as soon as this class is over. Should we sign up for that too?”

You’re already on a college campus. Add fuel to the fire of your kid’s excitement to attend college by taking the free, optional campus tour sponsored by UNW admissions. Why do this now? Because now’s the perfect time to let your kid know what college living will look and feel like. This free campus tour lasts 55 minutes. Select the FREE Campus Tour ticket option. Ages 11–Adult.


“How can I contact the organizer with any questions?”

You can email the organizer of this event at

“Is my ticket transferable?”

Yes. Your ticket is transferable. If you are not able to attend the event, just print your ticket out and have your friend bring it (or a photo of it) to the event.

“What are the special driving and parking directions that will make it easy for us to find this class on the UNW campus?”

The class will be held on the University of Northwestern campus (formerly Northwestern College), 3003 Snelling Avenue North, Roseville, Minnesota, in Riley R2300. Parking is free.

To get to Riley Hall, follow Constitution Way up the hill. The road will begin to turn, and you will see Lots C and D. Park in either of these. Riley is right next to Lot C. To enter Riley Hall, follow the sidewalk into the vestibule. Go up to the second floor, and once you’re up there, go to the end of the hallway. Room 2300 will be on your right.

Date: August 4, 2018
Time: 9:00 am - 12:00 pm
Event: THE STRATEGIC COLLEGE STUDENT: How To Get Higher Grades While Studying LESS
Venue: University of Northwestern (formerly Northwestern College) SEE ABOVE FOR DRIVING AND PARKING DIRECTIONS
Location: 3003 Snelling Avenue North
Roseville, MN 55113
Public: Public
Registration: Click here to register.

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