Oh, How I Sweated Over Revamping My Speaking Page

My least favorite part of my job is website redesign.

I have a contractor who helps me with the technology part—but I have to make all decisions about which words and images to use, and how we’ll package up the details to best reach and help a world in need.

My biggest struggle with this is figuring out how to communicate nine big things I do for parents in under 9 seconds.

On a website.

One of those nine things I do for parents is speaking.

I do speaking live (in school auditoriums, at churches, and at conferences) and online.

At the end of two extremely long days of wrestling with this…

I posted the following status update for my friends on Facebook:

“I just sweated for two days over a website homepage box that ended up saying:

It’s my live, in-person speaking presentations that are most transformative for families.



Parents and event planners who click the “GET ACCESS NOW” button will get straight to my new, carefully crafted speaking page at JeannieBurlowski.com/SPEAKING.

Let me know what you think of my new speaking page!

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