There’s Medical-Based Financial Aid? YES!

If your child has even a relatively minor medical problem, he or she may qualify for medical-based financial aid to help pay for college.

The key thing you need to know is—medical-based financial aid isn’t applied for the regular way (through the FAFSA form).

Families apply for medical-based financial aid through other channels that—in the past—have been tricky to figure out.

The easiest way for parents to learn about medical-based financial aid? This book by Jason White:

I’ve read this book cover to cover, and I loved it.

This quick-read, 87-page book is available on Amazon here:

From the back cover:

“The Medical Loophole shows you how to turn any medical condition into free money for college. Whether your medical condition is incredibly serious or just a minor inconvenience, this book can save you a fortune in college expenses. It doesn’t matter where you live, what college you plan to attend, or what medical condition applies to you.”

“The Medical Loophole teaches you how to apply for medical-based financial aid in just a few easy steps. Medical-based financial aid provides students with an exciting opportunity to pay for college on the basis of just about any medical condition—asthma, allergies, ADHD, anxiety, depression, back pain—the list goes on and on.”

Don’t miss these two important resources in this book about medical-based financial aid:

The Medical Loophole contains a detailed directory of “vocational rehabilitation offices” listed by state—including exact addresses, phone numbers, and websites. Exactly what you need!

The book also includes a sample letter that helps you communicate with your doctor about your application for medical-based financial aid.

If you’re parenting a student with any kind of a disability, see the helpful article I’ve written for you here.

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