We’re Overcoming ALL the Blocks and Obstacles

Lately, I’ve really been doubling down on figuring out exactly which blocks and obstacles are keeping parents from moving confidently toward debt-free college for their kids.

debt-free college

From talking to parents when I speak, I know that they want debt-free college strategy that is:

  1. Clear, easy to digest, and quick
  2. Complete
  3. Does not require much work from parents
  4. Safest and best for the child, regardless of where she goes in life
  5. Inspiring and reassuring—makes you feel good
  6. Tailored to kids’ ages and individual family needs—so parents don’t have to read or listen to anything they don’t need right now.

This last one is especially important.

Parents want clear, quick, specific instruction that applies to where their kids are right now.

No parent wants to spend time reading or listening to directions they’re not going to need for a year.

Because of this, I’ve taken two steps that are game changers for busy parents.

First—I organized my book of debt-free college instructions so that parents only read one chapter every three months or so—and every chapter is directed straight at a kid’s current month and year in school.

Then I created a fast-paced, 10-minute video training that explains how to use the book in the fastest, most efficient way.

Boom. Tailored to be exactly what you need, right now.

Second—because I know that parents are having individual questions they want answered—in mid-March of 2020 I’ll be opening the doors to a membership—where parents will have an open door to be with me in person, online, in a group setting, 10–15 times per year.

Doors to this membership will open for just 5 days in mid-March 2020.

You can find out more about this membership (and learn about the deep, altogether understandable parent needs that are inspiring me to create it) here.

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Parents, we need to talk about the blocks and obstacles you’re facing more in depth.

The stakes are high for your kids. College debt is a big deal.

If we, together, can overcome your blocks and obstacles and lay necessary, wise debt-free college groundwork early on, you can save the kids you love decades of unhappiness and struggle.

Even if you can’t save a penny, even if you’re not a candidate for government financial aid, even if your kids don’t get a single scholarship.

I want to hear more about the obstacles you’re encountering as you work toward this very important goal.

Let me know your thoughts and feelings about what’s currently working when it comes to planning out debt-free college for your kids, what’s not working for you, and what I might be able to do that would most help you.

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We love these kids. We need to do this well.

I’m ready to help.

Let me hear from you.

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For clear, step-by-step help with the whole debt-free college process from beginning to end, do this.

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You can see why financial planners and wealth managers love LAUNCHhere.

You can see the top 9 questions parents are asking me about LAUNCHhere.

Read just one chapter of LAUNCH every 1–3 months while your child’s in middle school and high school, and you’ll know every viable strategy for debt-free college at exactly the right time to implement it.

And if your child’s already well past middle school? That’s OK; you can run to catch up. But the process of getting your kids through college debt-free goes more smoothly the earlier you start it—especially if you’re not planning to save up any money to pay for college.

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Who is Jeannie Burlowski?

Jeannie is a full-time academic strategist, author, speaker, and podcast host. Her writing, speaking, and podcasting help parents set their kids up to graduate college debt-free and move directly into careers they excel at and love. Her work has been featured in publications such as The Huffington Post, USA Today, NerdWallet, and US News and World Report, and on CBS News.

Jeannie also helps students apply to law, medical, business, and grad school at her website GetIntoMedSchool.com. You can follow her on Twitter @JBurlowski.