Are You Crying Over One of Your Kids?

If you’re crying over one of your kids, you’re not alone.

crying over one of your kids

Millions of parents are crying themselves to sleep, heartbroken over their kids’ situations or choices—but because we live in a picture perfect, Instagram filter world, very few parents talk about it.

If you’ve been crying over one of your kids lately, take comfort in this quote from author Anne Lamott:

“Crying is the way home: it bathes us, hydrates, moisturizes us, waters the ground at our feet, where birds have been dropping seeds from the next house and county—so who knows what may grow? Pansies, carrots, roses, mint.”

—Ann Lamott

If you’ve been crying over one of your kids, there is hope.

Kids grow up.

They change.

They make different choices at one part of their lives than they do at others.

And every year, better quality help becomes available.

If you’ve been crying over one of your kids, here are some resources that might help.

1. If your child is age 15 or older—and is anxious, depressed, or self-medicating partially due to lack of clear career direction, read Your 12th Grader’s Got No Career Direction? Do This, Right Now.

2. If you’re parenting a child with disabilities, and you wonder if he or she can even go to college or have job training, read When to Call the College’s Disability Services Office.

3. If you’re missing a child that’s gone away to college (or will go away soon), you will feel less alone if you read Dropping a Kid at College Feels Like a Train Wreck.

4. If you’re feeling anxiety over whether you’ve been a good enough mom, read the powerful, encouraging article where I quote Dr. Henry Cloud: Forget Being Supermom—Just be “Good-Enough Mom.”

5. If you’ve been crying over one of your kids who’s already grown, read When Our Grown Kids Disappoint Us by Jane Adams, Ph.D.

This book is an older one, but counselors and therapists are still recommending it because it’s a goldmine of help for heartbroken parents and grandparents who’d like some coaching and guidance on how to let go of their grown kids’ problems, love them anyway, and make the most of the post-parenting years they have left.

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