My Top 10 Debt-Free College Articles of 2017

2017 was a year of explosive growth for my blog and weekly email newsletter readership. Parents, students, and financial planners began following me in numbers greater than I ever expected. Out of the more than 50 debt-free college articles I wrote that year, here are the top 10 that were most popular with my followers.

If you missed any of these, here’s your chance to catch up! Read to the bottom of this list to see the #1 most popular article I wrote all year.

#10. Hilarious Idea Makes Kids Eager to Apply for Scholarships

#9. Danger Ahead: Don’t Get This Kind of Student Loan

debt-free college articles

#8. Could Your Kids’ College Texting Habit Cost You $28,000?

#7. Must-Listen Dave Ramsey Rant Against Student Loan Debt

      (Read this post and I’ll tell you which two points Dave’s actually wrong about.)

#6. In Just 5 Minutes — Change Your Future Grandchildren’s Lives

#5. 17 College Majors That Put Kids On the Path to Underemployment

#4. 7 Reasons to Fill Out the FAFSA — Even If You’re Rich

#3. 5 Reasons “T-Shaped” is Better Than Well Rounded

#2. Want More College Money? Avoid These Common FAFSA Mistakes

And the #1 favorite out of all the debt-free college articles I wrote in 2017…

#1. Why You Should Never Cosign A Student Loan

    (And How to Save Yourself If You’ve Already Done It)

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