Social Security Checks Garnished To Pay for College

Elderly Parents in Poverty, Still Paying for Their Kids' College

Could you one day have your social security checks garnished to pay for your kids’ college?


You may be in danger of having your social security checks garnished and not even realize it.

Parents duped into taking out Parent PLUS loans to pay for their kids’ college can find themselves on the hook for hundreds or thousands of dollars each month, right at a time of life where they may be wanting to (or worse, needing to) retire.

social security checks garnished

The Danger of Parent PLUS Loans

Parents taking out Parent PLUS loans are obligated to repay those loans (including all interest and penalties) in full, even if their children sleep through their college classes, drop out and refuse to finish their degrees, and do not ever find jobs in their fields.

The Dangers Are Great, But You Can Sidestep Them.

Fully inform yourself. View the 6-minute news interview video that accompanied the December 2016 Wall Street Journal report where Josh Mitchell was interviewed on this subject. You’ll hear Josh tell the reporter that the government has collected $1.1 billion from social security recipients of all ages since 2001 — including $171 million last year — just for delinquent and defaulted student loan payments. This is a shocking increase of 440% since 2002, and it’s only going to balloon in the next 10-20 years.

In my book, LAUNCH, I coach parents to sidestep Parent Plus Loans.

Here’s an excerpt:

“Be especially wary if you hear anyone say to you, “Oh, just go ahead and accept this bundle of loans. Yes, there’s a Parent PLUS Loan in the package, but you probably won’t qualify for that one. So don’t worry.” I suggest that you say a firm no to this, and ask that the bundle of loans be restructured without the Parent PLUS Loans in there.

“The truth is that unless you have some enormous red flags on your credit record, you probably will qualify for Parent PLUS Loans even if you have no income to pay them back. Why is this? Because, astoundingly, your personal income is not even a consideration when the decision is made to give you Parent PLUS Loan money, and there are no limits to the amount of this loan money you can be given and asked to pay back. This means you could be a poor widow barely getting by on $1,100 per month, and you could still be awarded Parent PLUS loans that require you to make loan payments of $1,000 per month for 10 years. And if you can’t pay? If you default? You could be slammed with massive penalties that make the debt load even more unbearable.

This has happened to other people. Don’t let it happen to you.”

Whether you are elderly or unfortunately disabled at a young age, you don’t want your social security checks garnished.

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