What Does ROMANCE Have To Do With Financial Aid?

It Turns Out, a LOT.

This article was originally posted here on February 15th, 2016. It was updated and re-posted here on February 1st, 2018.

In just a matter of days or hours, Valentine’s Day will be over for another year. Tissue paper from wrapped gifts will litter the bedroom floor, chocolates will have been devoured, and pink and red greeting cards will have been set up in display mode on the kitchen counter.

And then, in the days and weeks after Valentine’s Day—romance will pull on work boots and get back into the trenches.

If you’re married, you probably understand well that though Valentine’s Day is nice, real romance is actually lived out every day, 365 days a year, in the normal course of every day, up-and-down, regular life.

Today, moms and dads, I’m going to talk about that regular old “365-day-a-year-romance” you have with your spouse, and what that has to do with your kid getting financial aid for college.


Here’s the special message I have for you for today, parents: Your marriage matters when it comes to your kid eventually getting financial aid for college.

“Seriously? How does my marriage affect how much money my kid gets in financial aid for college?”

Because of idiosyncrasies with the CSS/Profile financial aid form, if you at some point decide to divorce your child’s other parent and marry someone else, your child will be disadvantaged in the financial aid process at the most competitive colleges in the country.

“Disadvantaged! How so?”

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