A Big Announcement and a Favor

Today I have a big announcement to make!  And a quick favor to ask.


First, an exciting update 

For the last year, I’ve been on a beeline to having my book LAUNCH:  How to Get Your Kids Through College Debt Free and Into Jobs They Love Afterward out in December of 2015.

This has been incredibly exciting to me.  It’s taken me almost three years of work!  I’ve packaged up every viable debt free college strategy into one little package any parent can benefit from — even if they make far too much money to qualify for any government financial aid.

The manuscript was finished earlier in 2015 and everything was set to wrap up exactly on time.

But then something wonderful happened.

At exactly the perfect time for me, President Obama suddenly, on September 13, 2015, made two sweeping, landmark decisions that changed the way every student and every family will apply for financial aid for college for years to come.  Certain parts of LAUNCH do talk about maximizing financial aid, of course, so this meant that I suddenly had a lot of changes to make to my manuscript.

I wasn’t upset though!  This was the best thing that could have possibly happened to me as an author.  Why?

Because here I was with a book manuscript all complete and ready to go — all I had to do was go through it and carefully adjust every financial aid strategy so that everything in the book perfectly aligns with President Obama’s big changes.  This was tremendously time-consuming and complicated – but so worth it!

Unbelievably good news

This means that I will be the first to market with a thorough, comprehensive debt free college book that includes specific instructions for how to get the most out of President Obama’s current changes.  

(This was no small feat — there’s now a 10 month gap between the day when parents finish out a tax year where they’re being scrutinized for financial aid purposes and the day they fill out the FAFSA form.  This huge gap requires big changes in strategy for parents.)

So my book publication date has been delayed, but that is OK!<

Here’s my big announcement!

I’ll be providing my readers an early-bird opportunity to order discounted copies of this book through kickstarter.com starting at January 18th, 2016 at 6:00 am CST.  Write that date on your calendar because quantities will be limited.  Before that happens, though, I need to ask you a favor.

Can you do me a favor right now?

Before I finalize everything and officially release, I need to be sure I’ve covered absolutely everything parents need to know about getting kids through college debt free.

This is where you come in.  Please take just a few minutes to answer the super short survey below.  There’s really only one thing I want to ask you:  “What are your top questions about getting kids through college debt free that I absolutely must answer in this book?”

Take my super short survey here.

Then watch my blog and my email newsletter for more important news from me coming out January 11, 14, and 18.  I’ll be revealing some truly awesome strategies for getting through college debt free on those dates.

I’d love to hear your comments on this!  What are you hoping I’ll for sure cover in this book?  Comment below, or LIKE Jeannie Burlowski, Author on Facebook, find this post on that page, and comment there.  Do you have friends who are currently parenting kids age 13-22?

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