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U.S. Faces Dire Construction Worker Shortage

A few months ago I posed the question:  “Could your child end up wealthier and happier by not going to college?

This question has sparked a national conversation that’s helping many students choose good-fitting, well-paying, minimal debt career paths they might not otherwise have even considered.

Now, a  Time Magazine article is letting us know just how important this conversation is.  “The current construction worker shortage,” Time Magazine says, “is dire.”


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Time Magazine says that huge numbers of workers left construction when the housing market collapsed, and that even though the market has rebounded, workers have not returned.  “70% of home builders . . . said they were experiencing a shortage of carpenters,” Time reported. “A survey by the Associated General Contractors in July showed that 86% of commercial builders said they were finding it difficult to fill hourly or salaried positions.”

The end result, Time says, is “a delay in construction projects and increased labor costs. Construction workers’ average hourly earnings (are increasing).”

Mike Rowe, formerly of TV’s Dirty Jobs, agrees.  In this interview with, Rowe lists 11 blue-color jobs that are hiring, and paying really well to boot.

My suggestion:  Read the posts above.   Share them with your high school student.  Have an honest conversation about possibly looking at alternatives to college.

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