Want to Save $10,000 on College? I Can Give You 12 Different Ways to Do It.

My Popular Free PDF is Now a Full Color E-book. Still FREE -- For a Limited Time

A massive number of parents have read my free PDF  “12 Ways to Save $10,000 on College.”  This was heroic on their part, because it was little more than a Word document with a nice letterhead at the top.

Now this free PDF has been made into a full color e-book — including completely new and updated information on what grandparents can do to help kids get through college debt free. (All the guidelines for grandparents changed when President Obama made his big announcement on September 13, 2015.)  This e-book is going to be available for free for a limited time — but only on the front page of this website.  So click here, download now, and enjoy hope and help for free.


And for those of you watching for news about my actual book, the one you’ll buy and have shipped to your house and hold in your hands, I’ll have big news about that in a coming blog post.  LAUNCH: How to Get Your Kids Through College Debt Free and Into Jobs They Love Afterward will be coming out in 2016, and it is going to be spectacular.  It’ll be exactly the clear, step-by-step help you’ll need to get your kids through college debt free and into jobs they love afterward.

12 Ways to Save $10,000 on College is  completely different from LAUNCH.  “12 Ways” is a fast read that explains to parents the 12 most important strategies to start using early on.  There are even chapters of this e-book that parents of babies will benefit from. And if your child is already past 8th grade or already well into college — this e-book still has plenty of help for you too.

Would you like clear, step-by-step help getting your kids through college debt free?  

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