Want to Save $10,000 on College? I Can Give You 12 Different Ways to Do It.

My Popular Free PDF is Now a Full Color E-book. Still FREE -- For a Limited Time

A massive number of parents have read my free PDF  “12 Ways to Save $10,000 on College.”  This was heroic on their part, because it was little more than a Word document with a nice letterhead at the top.

Now this free PDF has been made into a full color e-book — including completely new and updated information on what grandparents can do to help kids get through college debt free. (All the guidelines for grandparents changed when President Obama made his big announcement on September 13, 2015.)  This e-book is going to be available for free for a limited time — but only on the front page of this website.  So click here, download now, and enjoy hope and help for free.


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I’ve Created a Small Army of Kids EXCITED about Applying for Scholarships. (Here’s a Bunch to Apply For!)

About a month ago I filled a room to overflowing with teens and parents eager to learn how to write a scholarship application essay that would “Make Them Say WOW.”

17-year-old boys ran around setting up more tables for me, even though it meant that their long legs had less space to stretch out. Teens who reportedly “never” take notes in classes bent over tables, writing as fast as they could and shooting hands up to ask some of the best questions ever.

I love these kids.


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In MN? You Can Help Refugees From All Over The World This Week

I (and others like me) have been actively looking for a way to help refugees.

Over and over I keep thinking:  “What if it had been me who’d lost everything and had to flee my homeland with a baby in my arms?  Who would help me?”


If you live in Minnesota, here’s info on what you can do to help.  Right away. Now.

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“HELP! My Parents Are Refusing to Help Me!

This article originally appeared here on November 19th, 2015. It was updated and reposted here on September 6th, 2018.

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post for parents who erroneously believe that if they’ll just refuse to put their financial info on their child’s FAFSA form, their child will get additional financial aid for college.

Student, if your parents are refusing to help you—here’s what you can do to help yourself.


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11 Colleges and Universities That Give Out Astounding Amounts of Financial Aid and Scholarship Money

Want a shortcut to getting your kid through college debt free?

If one of these colleges is a good fit for your son or daughter, you may have just struck gold.

The 11 colleges and universities below are known for lavishing astounding amounts of financial aid and scholarships on accepted students.


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Can a 20something Pay Off Debt By Living on 51% of Her Income?

Is it possible for a struggling 20-something to get completely out of debt (including student loan debt) using a one-year shopping ban and living on 51% of her income?

Today I’m featuring an outstanding article written by Laura Shin for Forbes.  As you read it, give special attention to the great quote below from Mr. Money Mustache, a blogger who retired at age 30.


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“Can’t My Kid Just Declare Independence to Get More Financial Aid for College?”

This article originally appeared here on November 2nd, 2015. It was updated and reposted here on September 6th, 2018.

The dad was smiling at me, like he had a special secret that no one else knew. He folded his arms, rocked back on his heels, and got ready to tell me just why he was never going to need help getting his kids’ college paid for.

“I don’t have to worry about that,” he told me. “I’m going to have my kids “declare independence” from me. Then my income won’t count on their financial aid forms, and the money for college will just roll on in.”

Then he tilted his head and smiled at me.

“That’s what I did when I was in college, and it worked out great for me.”

I’m so sorry to tell you, Dad—your information is long outdated.

Here’s why declaring independence from parents no longer helps students get extra financial aid for college.


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