Worried About the New PSAT Coming Up October 14th?

These 5 Things Will Help You Feel Better.

Parents nationwide are worried about how standardized tests for college entrance are changing.

If your child is taking the PSAT exam this coming October 14th, you may be wondering how it will be different from the old PSAT, and what your child should be doing in order to excel on it.

Today I’m reposting an article about the new PSAT that I first published on June 29th, 2015.  It’s timely info for any parent who wants a teen to feel well-equipped and confident this coming October 14th.

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5 Reasons You Need Not Worry Too Much About Standardized Testing

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Great Opportunity to Get Career Direction For Your High Schooler!

Deadline to Register: November 5th

Imagine your high school age son up late at night, in his bedroom with his desk light burning, reading a book on software design or motivating employees or robotics engineering or building construction or funding service-oriented nonprofits — just because he’s fascinated and wants to learn more.

Imagine your 10th grade daughter getting genuinely excited about learning — because you’ve helped her to get a glimpse of what she, personally, might love to do for a career someday.

This can happen for your son or daughter, if you make a way for him or her to do career direction work early on.

Today I’m going to give you a way to get quality career direction help for your 15 – 24-year-old son or daughter right now, this fall.

Putting The Puzzle Together

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My Advice on MCAT Prep is Considered Must Have for Premed Students

When the reporter from U.S. News and World Report called to ask me for an interview about MCAT prep, I immediately said yes.

The changes to the MCAT that took place in April of 2015 were massive and sweeping — so it’s important that premed students don’t study for it under the guidance of some tutor or small-time test prep organization that doesn’t yet know exactly what’s going on.

Quoted Jeannie Burlowski today!

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Are You “Helping” or “Enabling” Your Teen? Here’s How to Tell.

Do you ever worry that you might have slipped over the edge from “helping”  to “enabling” your teen?

Today I’m featuring a post by Susie Garlick, a mother three who’s also an author, a parenting teacher, and a Licensed Associate Counselor in the State of Arizona.  Please visit Susie’s blog here to read more insightful parenting posts and tell her how much you benefitted from this article!


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Got an 11th Grader? Maximize Financial Aid by Deciding THIS Before December 31, 2015

This is Urgent.


Note to parents:  The September 13th, 2015 announcement by President Obama which I blogged about here  has made this post obsolete.  Parents of students who are in 11th grade during the 2015-2016 school year are no longer able to take advantage of the strategies listed in this post.  For step-by-step guidance on what you can do to get your kids through college debt free despite the White House announcement, subscribe to my free, weekly email newsletter and open it every time it lands in your email inbox.  I’ll be sending lots of help over the next few months!

Pop quiz for parents! 

Trevor has just started 11th grade.  His parents are hoping  he’ll get lots of financial aid to help pay for his college — which will be starting just two short years from now.  Will the following parental decisions help or hurt Trevor’s chances of getting financial aid for college?

  1.  Trevor’s mom is planning to start working a second job in order to bring in extra income for the family over the winter.  Is this a good time for her to do that — or not?
  2. Trevor’s birthday is coming up in February.  His grandmother is planning to celebrate by giving him a large chunk of money to help him fatten up his college savings.  Is this February of Trevor’s junior year a good time to do this?
  3. Trevor has $3000 he’s saved up in a Wells Fargo bank account in his own name.  He’s planning to put a lot more money into that account during the coming year.  Is this a good idea for a kid who wants to maximize the amount of financial aid he eventually gets for college?

(Answers below.)

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The Surprising Reason Your Kid Should Apply to At Least One College That’s Far Out of State

Great Info For Students Working on College Applications This Week

I know, I know.  You have a lot of people telling you that the local state university is your kid’s bargain basement choice.  Well…

Unless your child is able to become a part of the honors program at that state university, this is not likely to be true.  For the sobering truth about the cost of state schools, read my previous posts on this subject here and here.

The bargain choice for your child may actually be a private college located far, far from your home state.


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