What to do in the first week of 10th grade

Parents, this month we’re going to greatly expand your child’s academic self confidence and  give him a massive head start on earning real, transferable, college credit during high school.

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<EXAMPLE FROM MY FREE PDF>   Consider registering your child for an upcoming discount-price summer community college course in her area of natural talent and interest.

Register yourself for the course too and attend alongside her if that will help. When you do this, you’ll want to choose a community college course that’s somewhat similar to an interesting high school course that your child succeeds in and enjoys during 10th grade. Tell your daughter these words well ahead of time:  “Hey Mindy; you’re really good at the 10th grade ___ class you’re taking.  I was thinking that maybe you could take a community college class on this same subject this coming summer.  If you do, you could get college credit for everything you’re learning!  Be sure to study super hard in this class all this year, because every minute you do will make that college class feel easier and easier.”

For the complete scoop on everything parents need to be thinking about at the beginning of of 10th grade — click below to download my free PDF on this subject.

Click Here for Instant Access to “What to do in the first week of 10th Grade”

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