The Surprising Reason Your Kid Should Apply to At Least One College That’s Far Out of State

Great Info For Students Working on College Applications This Week

I know, I know.  You have a lot of people telling you that the local state university is your kid’s bargain basement choice.  Well…

Unless your child is able to become a part of the honors program at that state university, this is not likely to be true.  For the sobering truth about the cost of state schools, read my previous posts on this subject here and here.

The bargain choice for your child may actually be a private college located far, far from your home state.


Two Words That Can Turn YOUR TEENS Into Millionaires

13-year-old Chicago resident Michael wanted to become a millionaire, but he didn’t want to work 86 years at the Illinois minimum wage in order to get there.

How could this middle schooler accomplish his goal without turning to crime or workaholism?

This inspiring story from Dave Ramsey tells us how.


Dave Ramsey’s story:

Ben and Arthur were friends who grew up together.  At age 19, Ben decided to invest $2,000 every year for eight years. He picked investment funds that averaged a 12% interest rate.  Then, at age 26, Ben stopped putting money into his investments. That’s right — Ben stopped investing at age 26.  He put a total of just $16,000 into his investment funds.

Before you jump to the conclusion that Ben just made a terrible mistake, read on for Ben’s jaw-dropping, fantastic result.

Hillary Clinton, Here’s How You Should REALLY Spend that $350 Billion in Student Loan Debt Relief

Hillary Clinton caused an unexpected dustup recently when she tweeted on August 12th: “How does your student loan debt make you feel?  Tell us in 3 emojis or less.”

The angry responses from students and others were blistering.

My personal favorite response to this tweet was:  “Hillary, COLLEGE STUDENTS CAN USE WORDS.”

Though Hillary’s tweet was callous and insensitive, no doubt — I feel deeply thankful that presidential candidates are even thinking about this critically important issue.

From my perspective as an author, consultant, and speaker who helps parents set their kids up to graduate college debt free and move directly into careers they excel at and love, I’d like to offer this year’s crop of presidential candidates one piece of advice:


Parents of College Students, Time to Schedule a Special Celebratory Dinner!

Include These 7 Things in the Dessert Conversation

Your son’s about to leave for college, and there are a thousand things you want to talk to him about before he goes.

This month, take him out for a special celebratory dinner — and include these 7 things in the dessert conversation.  You’ll make the next four years much, much easier on your family and on him.



1)  “Let’s talk about how often you want us to call you while you’re away at college.”

“Son, Let’s Talk Now About What Life Will Look Like When You Come Home on College Breaks.”

What Every Parent Needs To Cheerfully Tell College-Bound Kids In the Month Before Classes Start

As a parent, you’d like to make your kid’s future college breaks as warm and memorable as possible.  But will you be able to do that if your newly-flown offspring comes home snarly and inconsiderate?


What if your newly minted college student decides to stay out until all hours on the night on the night before Thanksgiving, and you toss and turn and lose sleep until 3:00 a.m. because you’re worried there’s been a car accident?

What if your child brings home overnight guests without asking — as though your house is his own?

What if your new “adult” college student decides to spend the entire break watching TV and playing video games — while you take care of all the grocery shopping, meal prep, cleaning, and yard work that keep your household running smoothly?

Will this make for a warm, memorable college break for you, Mom?  

“Student Loan Debt Isn’t Really That Big A Deal.” True or False?

“Why the big emphasis on avoiding student debt?” some parents and school administrators wonder.  “Everyone gets student loans, don’t they?  That’s what my guidance counselor told me when I was in high school.  Isn’t that just the way it is?”


Photo by Images Money


Is that just the way it is?

One-Evening College Study Skills Class Coming August 27th!

(7 Reasons Why Your MIDDLE SCHOOLER Should Take It!)

LIve class coming August 27th!

Something magical happens when a middle schooler takes a college study skills class.  I’ve seen it a thousand times.

Oh, I know that on the surface it would seem to make more sense to give kids college study skills training right before they’re actually going to need it . . . .

*   Right before starting a “dual enrollment” college class in high school

*   Right before moving into dorms freshman year

*   Right after a disastrous semester where the grades were C’s and D’s and a lot of tuition money was wasted

Those are all good times to take a college study skills class.  But 6th or 7th grade?  That’s absolutely magical.

 7  reasons why MIDDLE SCHOOL is the best time for your kid to take a college study skills class:

We’re On A Mission To Change the World For College Students!

No Matter Who You Are -- Here's How You Can Be A Part of It!


Over the past five months I’ve been stunned by how many people without kids are repeatedly, every week, liking, sharing, and commenting on my blog posts.

Why are so many people without kids clicking and sharing?

One older lady put it to me this way:  “There are a lot of us who really, really care about the future of this country.  We believe that the solutions to a lot of our problems will likely come from the hearts and minds of the good kids who are in middle school and high school and college right now.  We want these kids to be able to finish college and then be free to change the world for the better!!  Not be stuck chained to jobs they hate to pay off piles of student loan debt!  Of course we’re passing around your blog posts as much as we can!”

This woman has joined the mission.

What about you?

Does Part-Time Work Damage College GPAs? The Answer Might Surprise You

Part 3 of a 3-Part Series

Your college-age daughter calls you, sobbing, at 10:00 pm.  She’s feeling overwhelmed by exams and paper deadlines, and she’s begging you to let her quit the part-time job she’s been working while taking her full load of college classes.

You want her to be happy, of course — plus you worry that the time she’s spending at her job might be bringing her grades down.

Do you tell her to go ahead and quit?  The answer below just might surprise you.

I quit

Huge News! Technical School Education FREE for 1600 Minnesotans Next Year

Check out these 5 criteria to determine whether a student you love might qualify

About a month ago I wrote about how some students could end up wealthier and happier by not going to four-year college after high school.  It was a life-changing post for many.  If you missed it, be sure to read it here.

Today’s huge news is that starting next year, this very valuable type of post-secondary education will be FREE for an estimated 1600 Minnesotans.


If you’re going to access this benefit for your child, though, there are several things you need to know right now.

It’s true!  Free technical school for 1600 Minnesotans!

Starting in 2016, Minnesota is embarking on a two-year pilot program where the state will pay tuition and fees for 1600 recent high school grads who enroll in job-skills training programs at public two-year colleges and pursue high-demand technical training in fields such as agriculture, manufacturing, and computer science and others.

Hot fields with high levels of future employability

Jobs in these fields “are very, very hot right now,” said Minnesota State Senator LeRoy Stumpf, DFL-Plummer, who was the lead sponsor of the Minnesota bill that provided $8.5 million for the program.  “Nobody can get enough employees.”