6 Criteria To Decide Whether Your Healthy 20-Something Children Should Be Allowed To Live With You

So, your 20-something daughter wants to live at home in her childhood bedroom.  Should you happily say yes and make a plate of warm cookies to welcome her back?

Or could this put you (and your child) in a bad spot?

Education and Career? Fine; OK. But Here’s the REAL ROUTE to Building Long Term Financial Security

When I was a child, my mother said to me:  “Jeannie, do you know why many old people have barely enough to get by, but Grandma and Grandpa have enough money to take nice trips?  It’s because Grandma reuses her aluminum foil.”

I laughed at the time, but it was true.  My grandparents never went to college, and they never had fancy jobs with important sounding titles.  Yet they lived beautifully, never went hungry, gave generously to their church, and had a lot of money left over for fun.  Why?  Because they enjoyed and celebrated the virtue of frugality.


Many parents mistakenly believe that high-priced education and “great careers” will lead their children straight to the bullseye goal of financial security after college.  Even though I work right smack in the middle of the college education industry, I don’t actually believe that education is the answer to this.  It’s my belief that joyful frugality will get children to the goal of financial security faster and more surely than expensive education ever will.

Does Your Teen Routinely Seem Angry and Upset?  7 Important Ways Parents Can Help.


depressed boy blog photo canva

Your teen is in an angry, dark mood – and it’s not getting better.  You suspect it’s hormones, but is it?

If your son or daughter is like millions of other teens struggling to keep their heads above the turbulent waters of college prep, you might actually be dealing with something researchers are calling “launch anxiety.”  Here’s help.

Huge news for my readers!   On April 16th,  a GUEST POST that I wrote appeared on the blog of Annie Fox, M.Ed., an internationally respected parenting expert, award-winning author, and one of the top 10 bloggers for parents of teens in the world.  She has over 52,000 Twitter followers! (Follow her on Twitter @Annie_Fox.)  Annie helps a lot of people, and I’m thrilled that she’s bringing me on board to help.

Below is the guest post I wrote for her.  Click on the link at the bottom to see how this post actually appears on her blog.

To talk about what parents can do to ease “launch anxiety” in homes with teens,  I’m turning to Jeannie Burlowski as my guest blogger for today. . .

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7 Ways to Make Your Kid Want to Get Up For College Classes

I don’t know whether you’ve heard this or not, but some college students don’t grasp what an incredible privilege a college education is.

Some students allow their parents to sweat and scrape and sacrifice and save to pay high college tuition bills, but then the student himself doesn’t care enough about this gift to even get up and go to class in the morning.

Sleeping Student

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Sadly, some of these uncaring students don’t even bother to organize themselves so that they’ve got a reliable system for getting their work done on time and in a quality manner.  Some of these “students” even choose to drink themselves into oblivion rather than making sure they’ve got their test material mastered and their papers ready to hand in.

Here are 7 ways you can lessen the likelihood that this will be your kid’s college story.

How to Get Your High Schooler Excited about Saving Up Money in A ROTH IRA

Parents, would you like to see your 14-year-old get excited about the whole idea of working hard and saving money?

Bowl of Money

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We’ll never achieve this the old-fashioned way, with lectures and drudgery.  So — let’s do this in a creative and exciting way, with opportunity and immediate reinforcement.

Expensive Education Leads to a Happier Life. True or False? (The Answer Might Surprise You.)

Your 12th grader is in tears, desperate for you to give him the go-ahead to attend an elite university that’ll cost him $950 per month for 10 years after college.  You want him to be happy.  Do you say yes?

Before you respond, you’ll need to be clear on the answer to this one question:  “Is it really true that elite private education is so enriching that it automatically leads to a happier, more fulfilled life after college?”  What does the research say?


The Surprising Reason Your Kid Should Apply to at Least One College That’s Far Out of State

I know, I know.  You have a lot of people telling you that the local state university is your kid’s bargain basement choice.  Well…

Unless your child is able to become a part of the honors program at that state university, this is not likely to be true.  For the sobering truth about the cost of state schools, read my previous post on this subject here.

The bargain choice for your child may actually be a private college located far, far from your home state.


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Families who desperately need help getting their kids through college debt free.

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Think “Community Service” is Just Another Dull Chore? This Inspiring 2 Minute Video About WE ACT Will Change Your Mind Forever

On some middle school and high school campuses, parents form an organization where they meet together monthly to strategize how they can get their kids through college debt free. (The free, step-by-step resources on my website make great discussion material for a group like this.)


Sometimes, this parent group gives birth to a student group that ends up changing the students, the school, the local community, and the world.

(And as a side effect, provides great material to write about in scholarship applications.)

Parents, teachers, and school staff:  if you need curriculum for starting up a student club like this, take two minutes and watch this powerful, inspiring video about WE ACT here.

To maximize the probability that your child will get through college debt free and directly into career afterward — be sure to join me for two live classes coming up on April 11th in Cottage Grove, Minnesota.  You can get more information here.

What’s your response to the WE ACT Video?  Could you see yourself pulling parents together to get WE ACT started on your local middle school or high school campus?

Top 10 Ways to Help Your Kid Rake In More College Scholarships (Starting in Middle School)

The dad waited in a long line to get to shake my hand.  He was beaming.


“We squeezed into a packed high school auditorium to hear you speak about scholarships last year,” he told me.  “You inspired my son to go home and apply for 20 scholarships he thought he’d never get.  He won eight of them, and now has over $20,000 extra to help pay his college bills.  I just wanted to say thanks.”