Think “Community Service” is Just Another Dull Chore? This Inspiring 2 Minute Video About WE ACT Will Change Your Mind Forever

On some middle school and high school campuses, parents form an organization where they meet together monthly to strategize how they can get their kids through college debt free. (The free, step-by-step resources on my website make great discussion material for a group like this.)


Sometimes, this parent group gives birth to a student group that ends up changing the students, the school, the local community, and the world.

(And as a side effect, provides great material to write about in scholarship applications.)

Parents, teachers, and school staff:  if you need curriculum for starting up a student club like this, take two minutes and watch this powerful, inspiring video about WE ACT here.

To maximize the probability that your child will get through college debt free and directly into career afterward — be sure to join me for two live classes coming up on April 11th in Cottage Grove, Minnesota.  You can get more information in the left sidebar that you see here.

What’s your response to the WE ACT Video?  Could you see yourself pulling parents together to get WE ACT started on your local middle school or high school campus?

Top 10 Ways to Help Your Kid Rake In More College Scholarships (Starting in Middle School)

The dad waited in a long line to get to shake my hand.  He was beaming.


“We squeezed into a packed high school auditorium to hear you speak about scholarships last year,” he told me.  “You inspired my son to go home and apply for 20 scholarships he thought he’d never get.  He won eight of them, and now has over $20,000 extra to help pay his college bills.  I just wanted to say thanks.”

The Genius Reason to Get Your Kid on at Age 14

Every day since your child was a toddler, he’s been bumping into and forming relationships with professional people who have careers in every sector of the job market.  Do you realize this?

Your son may have met a software engineer at a technology company when he was only four years old, a VP for the Target Corporation on his Little League field, and a sales manager for a national real estate company when he was playing in a friend’s backyard.

I Love This Dave Ramsey Video Rant Against Student Loan Debt, But He’s Wrong About Two Things

I love Dave Ramsey’s video rant about student loan debt, which you can watch at the link I’ve provided below.  If you’ve got 9 minutes to listen to this while getting ready for work in the morning or while cooking dinner, please do!

As you listen, though, be aware that Dave Ramsey is wrong about two things:

1.  Dave Ramsey’s wrong when he says that your in-state college or university is automatically a bargain choice.


Your 12th Grader is Unsure of “What He Wants to Do with His Life”? Here are 7 Things To Do Right Now

Your 12th grader hasn’t yet figured out “what he wants to do with his life,” and it’s making you nervous.

Don’t lose another night’s sleep over this.  Here are 7 things you can do to help your child right now.

1.  Go online and fill out the FAFSA form right now, tonight.  I’ll help you.

Your son may not know what he wants to do with his life today, but what if three months from now he suddenly decides that college or an exciting two year technical or vocational program is for him?

Mom and Dad, I want you to quickly jump in line for financial aid money — while there’s still some available.

Career Decisions

Career Decisions

Pop Quiz: What’s the #1 Way Your Kid Can Increase Future Earning Power While Still in College? (It’s Not What You Think.)

That fancy name on your kid’s college diploma?  It hardly matters.

Sorry if this is hard to hear.

In the 21st century, paid internships are the crown jewel of the college education.  Top college students aim to find, apply for, and work at one, two, or three paid internships during college – and they reap big benefits for doing so.

Men with Dollar Signs

photo credit: Fat Profits via photopin (license)

Top Four Surprising Ways to Get Extra Money Out of the FAFSA Form

The FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) gets your student consideration for nine separate federal student-aid programs, over 600 state aid programs, and most of the college-based (institutional) aid available in the United States. When’s the best time to fill out the FAFSA Form, and what tricky questions should you watch out for when you fill it out?


Pour Rocket Fuel Onto Your 8th Grader’s Ability to Get College Scholarships

Most parents of kids age 12-24 have 8 incorrect beliefs about how kids get college scholarships.  These 8 incorrect beliefs cost families thousands of dollars each year.

Do you have any of these incorrect beliefs?

WRONG BELIEF #1:  Kids should apply for college scholarships only in the senior year of high school.

Wrong.  Since scholarships invariably go to people who apply for them, I suggest that students apply for 10 scholarships every single year, starting in 8th grade and continuing all the way through grad school. 

True or False: You Should Get Your Middle Schooler On RIGHT NOW


The answer?  As long as your child meets the minimum age limit of 14, it’s absolutely true.

Your child needs one place to keep track of all of her accomplishments, achievements, work experiences, school and scouting awards, scholarship awards, job shadowing experiences, and volunteer and service hours and experiences, right?  LinkedIn is a spectacular place to do that.